Sunday, February 21, 2021

John Sweeney - God Have Mercy On His Soul

John Sweeney, former president of both the AFL-CIO and SEIU, passed away on Feb 1st.  A picture from the Baltimore Catholic Review shows him receiving the Medal of Freedom from the Messiah Most Miserable.  Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why?

One of my first forays into street activism was a picket of a Catholic Charities gala at which Sweeney was being honored.  At the time he was still president of the AFL-CIO.  Ostensibly that union fought for the rights of workers - but they were for the slaughter of the unborn babies of those workers.  While he was president, the union demanded of employers that they include contraception coverage.  Their webpage linked directly to that of the NOW.  Of course the Review would jibber-jabber about Sweeney's faith and how it educated his labor advocacy while ignoring Sweeney's defiance of the Church's laws regarding contraception and the rights of unborn children.

By the way - if you read my other posts regarding Sweeney, you will notice that now-disgraced Theodore McCarrick was quite chummy with Sweeney.  McCarrick was present at that gala that we picketed.  He must have felt bad about the reception that we gave Sweeney so he decided to honor Sweeney later.  We picketed that event, too! 

The Catholic News Service piece was also published in the Catholic Standard.

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