Monday, February 15, 2021

At Long Last! Gay-Coddling Father Muth Is Retiring! Deo Gratias!

It was just about a year ago when we learned that Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St Matthew's in Baltimore was asked/ordered to resign his position by Archbishop Lori.  He was supposed to be gone last September, but stayed on.  Of course covid was the excuse.

However, I was delighted to see, in the latest Baltimore Catholic Review, a list of parish assignments that makes official the retirement of Father Muth effective this coming July.  We pray that he will not be given free reign to continue his mischief, as is the unfortunate case with Washington's Father Peter Daley.  Rather, pray that Father Muth will be given the grace to repent and spend his remaining time on earth in prayer and penance for the harm he has done.

Father Muth will be replaced by Father Matthew Beuning.  Does anyone know his stances on the various issues?  I don't see how he can be as dissident as Father Muth.  That said, I pray that he has the fortitude to withstand any onslaughts that might be launched by the gay-pandering parishioners.  They were quite angry when Lori's first request was made known and I pray that Father Beuning will administer truth to these parishioners who desperately need it and who were ill-served by Father Muth.


  1. Fr. Beuning is a good priest. We need to pray for him very much.

  2. God sent us his son, Jesus, a radical dissident. I hope and pray I can occasionally be as brave and dissident as Jesus.

    1. Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Trinity and God Incarnate, was no dissident. He fulfilled the commandments given to Moses. He redeemed us from our sins and founded His Church to lead people to eternal salvation. To that end, the Church communicates to us God's laws that are immutable as God Himself is. Jesus did not dissent from God's laws. To paint Him as a dissident to justify one's own rebellion against the Magisterium is nothing short of blasphemy. I pray that was not your intention.


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