Friday, February 26, 2021

The So-Called Equality Act

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass the so-called "Equality Act".  As LifeSiteNews said, what it does is rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include LGTBQ delusions as protected classes.  It certainly does that; here's the text so you can see for yourselves.

The LifeSiteNews piece lays out quite well just why this bill portends great danger to those of us who take seriously God's laws regarding marriage, sexuality, life and family, as well as our ability to proclaim other truths of our faith without fear of reprisals.

Unless it can be stopped in the Senate, this thing will become the law of the land.  Given the Supreme Court's abysmal patterns of behavior recently, I've no special confidence that challenges to this law will be upheld.  Elections have consequences.  There was fraud this past November, but I am still aware of those who call themselves pro-life who either didn't vote or actually cast votes for Biden.  These people need to do some serious soul-searching and repentance and then work with us to rectify these wrongs.

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  1. It rather did not matter a whole lot whether someone did not vote, etc. because of the false 'biden' votes that came in up to the hundred thousands in the steal. And unless a reform of the voting system can be had--unlikely with demoncrats--we can expect the same again.


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