Friday, April 9, 2021

Catholic Charities In Texas Caught Facilitating Child Trafficking - Call To Action At End Of Post

On April 7, conservative pundit Alex Jones saw several small children being stuffed into a luggage compartment in a car in Texas.  The children were leaving a facility and were being prepared for smuggling to some seedy destination.

Jones placed himself in front of the vehicle, preventing it from driving away.  Meanwhile, his crew members sought out police attention.  Read more here.

Did you notice what the facility was, from which the children were being smuggled away?  Yes, it was a Catholic Charities office.  Are you shocked?  Don't be!  This sort of underhanded behavior is par for the course with them.  I've written much about their shenanigans throughout the years.  Their dirty deeds include:

  • Taking one of their "clients" to an abortion appointment
  • Coordinating needle-exchange arrangements for drug addicts.
  • Their CEO Msgr John Enzler making political contributions to pro-abortion candidates
  • And the list goes on
Those of us with long memories will recall how various Texas offices of Catholic Charities received millions of dollars in federal grants to "resettle refuges"; I suppose that also includes stuffing small children in a car trunk.  Whatever!  Gotta keep those dollars rolling in now, don't we?  More of their criminal actions can be found here.

The car trunk incident happened in Donna, Texas.  It appears to be in the Diocese of Brownsville Texas, headed by Bishop Daniel Flores.  I would hope that a criminal investigation is underway now regarding this office of Catholic Charities.  I believe child endangerment is a crime, is it not?  Anyway, one can see here the song and dance that the bishop is using to cajole his flock into submitting to an immorally tainted vaccine.  I am willing to bet no social distancing happened in that car trunk.

Contact Bishop Flores' office.  Let him know that you are outraged that a Catholic organization in his diocese is maltreating children in such an inhumane fashion.  They are in damage-control mode and have a "communications person" assigned to this.  I suspect we will have to call often; let's melt their phone lines and fill their email in-boxes.  Please let us all know the results of your conversation in the com box at the end of this post.


  1. Our local "Catholic" charities is giving the J&J 'vaccine' from their site. I used to donate to them and have stopped. No money to them or to the CRS or to the CCHD---everything seems to be infiltrated and corrupt.

  2. Thx for article. Guarantee this is happening throughout country. People tend to think that the crisis is simply at the southern border. CC & bishops are shipping the illegals criminals MS13 & rapists & terrorists in every state & city. The bishops are again receiving millions to do this. Wonder why Judas bishops haven’t been complaining about conditions at border? They are getting their money & are a big part of operation. Watch crime & shootings going up everywhere especially in metro areas as drug wars heat up. When the pansy bishops are quiet, they are up to more evil.

  3. Thank you Janet! As usual you are on top of this Catholic Church related horror. I will call. Please keep up the good work.

  4. I appreciate your blog and respect your efforts; however, writing or calling these evil apostates is like asking Satan to turn down the heat in Hell. Do I have a solution, no, but I am convinced action rather than words is a must. Maybe we should be more like BLM as regards the heirachy of the Church?


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