Thursday, April 29, 2021

Vatican Has Been Profiting From Medical Abortions

For over 25 years I have been in front of abortuaries with other good Catholics, praying and trying to dissuade women from destroying their own children.  We have found that more and more of these women are subjecting themselves to medical abortions versus surgical abortions.  That is, they are ingesting various chemical compounds in attempts to cause the deaths and expulsions of their children.  These compounds, though varied, are collectively called abortifacients.

Over these past decades we have found ourselves baffled by the lack of support that we have received from the official structures of the church.  Yes, individual priests have been very helpful as they too have come out to the mills.  But by and large, they are few and far between, and these priests often suffer at the hands of their bishops and fellow clergy on account of their witnesses to life.

For a long time, we've simply chalked up the bishops' tepid support to us as clerical cowardice, stemming from their fears of having governmental grants reduced and eliminated or from receiving bad media attention.  With all the scandals coming to light recently, I now fear the reasons for the bishops' lack of pro-life conviction is far more sinister than I thought 25 years ago.

Understanding that many of these clerics simply sought ordination for the express purpose of undermining Holy Mother Church, and knowing that many of these wolves in shepherds' clothing are corrupt perverts, I think it reasonable to believe that they themselves favor the slaughter of unborn children.  We've seen over the past year or so how many of them have acted positively to spiritually kill their flocks by depriving them of the Sacraments under the guise of "safety from the pandemic".

Comes now the news from Gloria.TV that the Vatican held investments in companies that are largely geared towards the production of abortifacients.  That is, they derive financial profit from each and every death wrought by these demonic concoctions.  We Catholics have spent many hours trying to dissuade women from taking these poisons.  Do we now know yet another reason why the hierarchy in many cases acts to undermine our efforts?

The gloria link informs us that this scandal was discovered by Libero Milone in 2016 during an audit of the Vatican's books.  He reported it to senior Vatican officials and only then were the shares sold.  However, Milone was subsequently fired.  Aren't we surprised?  For his sake I hope he is in hiding.  His firing causes me to think that the Vatican plans to resume what is most likely a lucrative investment.

If nothing else, we have yet another reason (among many) to curtail any donations to the weekly collection basket, or online donation arrangement.  Approximately 12% of your donations will be funneled to your diocese, and they in turn will pay over a portion of that to the Vatican, where it too can be used to capitalize baby slaughter, along with the contraception and socialism of which we are already aware.

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  1. I can hardly believe the depth of the evil infiltration in the Church. Follow the money even in places where a parish or 'catholic charity' is administering the experimental gene therapy--it is not just about 'your health' as there is money to be made. I hate this.


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