Tuesday, April 27, 2021

False, Murderous Church Manifesting Itself

Some think that Padre Pio had some knowledge of the third secret of Fatima.  In the video below, Taylor Marshall discusses that, along with the prophesy of a false church being set up in the Vatican, with tentacles in many of the world's dioceses.  The pandemic (such as it is) has at least brought the false church out into the open.  When bishops - not civil government - spiritually starve their flocks, what else do you call it?  This bishop is still stating that babies shouldn't be baptized; he's not the first.  Some have denied Confession to their flocks.  Oh, it's temporary, you say?  During this "temporary" period, souls could be damned to hell for want of the sacraments, and these bishops will be held to account.


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  1. I, who is just a layperson, sincere but not the most devout nor the most pious, would be absolutely horrified at the thought that a person may be in need of their last Confession, and I denied it to them. Or a baby, in need of baptism, might be lost to crib death, and I neglected my duty to make sure they were baptized. There have been so many Catholics who this actually happened to, they lay in hospital beds hoping for spiritual comfort, and there was none. No St. Damian of Molokai, we have none of those types, only weaklings, cowards, and hirelings.
    If I am sobered by that thought, what should the men be who were actually responsible for providing these sacraments and didn't.


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