Tuesday, November 22, 2022

France Tries To Quash An Actual Catholic Priest

I wrote a few weeks ago about the persecution of Father Sean Sheehy in Ireland who denounced abortion from the pulpit.  Now we hear of a similar occurrence in France.  Father Francois Schneider, during an Armistace Day Mass on November 11, pointed out that abortion killed more people than did World War 1.  Apparently that wasn't the first time Father Schneider dared speak truth to his congregation and they had enough.  The cry-babies whined to the chancery and the diocesan superiors forbade Father to speak in public for four weeks.  After all, we can't have Catholic priests speaking like...Catholic priests, now, can we?

The LifeSiteNews article contains a link to the diocesan web page.  If you use Chrome, you can ask it to translate it into English.  Then click the "contact us" button and leave your protest.  Be firm and truthful.  While not forgetting that you yourselves are Catholics, do NOT feel you have to be overly conciliatory.  The time for "nice guy" is long past.

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