Wednesday, November 30, 2022

"I Do Not Say Person Because This Is Debated But A Living Human Being

Did this nonsense come from Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi?  We'd expect such distortions of logic to come from them or some other pro-abort now, wouldn't we?  Nope!  It comes from the current occupant of the chair of Peter, Francis.  This came from a recent interview that he gave to the Jesuit kitty-litter known as "America".  Please see the tweet below.

In past years, I never could understand how the bishops could be so spineless when it came to making a stand for innocent human life and rebuking pro-aborts in their midst.  I thought they were just being weak and/or currying political and financial favors.  Then their masks started sliding off and I realized that many if not most of the bishops are just as pro-abortion as Biden, Pelosi, Ted Kennedy et al.  I now believe that Francis just tipped his hand in that regard - if he bothers to hide his cards in the first place.

We simply must stop blindly taking this man's prattling as though it were God's word, lest we find our souls in danger.

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