Friday, March 19, 2010

Problems with DC Catholic Charities, Continued

When I wrote that column last night, I asked for input if anyone knew of anything amiss with any of the other directors of DC Catholic Charities.  I thank the commenter who replied.  I reproduce his/her link right here because it is now "clickable".  It turns out the Foundation Vice Chair, Doug Donateli, gave a sizable chunk of change to Obama's election campaign.

I like looking on a site called for contribution data.  This one is showing that Kelvin Robinson gave money to elect Eleanor Holmes Norton to Congress.  It shows that other Donatelli contributions include Chris Van Hollen (husband of fellow board member) and to John McCain during the latter's primary challenge to Bush.  Michael Bloom gave money to Dick Gephardt's primary.  There is a Michele Burke of Potomac who contributed to Hillary Clinton; she may well be the "Michele Burke Bowe" on the Catholic Charities list.  There is a Michael Kelly of Potomac who has contributed to a plethora of pro-abortion pols, and these are sizable contributions.  Gregory Rohde seems to have preferred Hillary Clinton.  Mary Yerrick contributed to Connie Morella.  Scott Pastrick, the chair, contributed to many pro-aborts: including Chris Van Hollen (Why am I getting the feeling that this is a "good ole boys" club?)!  Jeanne Ruesch also contributed to many pro-aborts, including (betcha can't guess!) Chris Van Hollen.

To be fair, we have some Republican contributers: Charles Abell, John Figge and Thomas Roddy.  That's three of them compared to how many pro-aborts?  And why do so many of them contribute to the husband of their fellow board member?  Such money flow is an unpleasant stench.

Now why did  I go through this exercise?  Ladies and gentlemen, the majority of directors here are contributers and devotees of pro-abortion politicians - yet they control vast sums of funds contributed by us in the pews.  They make the governing decisions (presumably subject to the archbishop's final word).  Does this not shed some unpleasant light on the situations of the past few weeks, including that of their decision to deal dirty with their married employees?  But wait a minute!  Aren't the Democrats the champions of the working class and their rights?  I think we all know the answer to that, and the latest fiasco of DC Catholic Charities is proof.

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