Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sr. Carol Keehan to Speak at John Carroll Society Dinner

Thanks to the American Papist/Catholic Vote blog that first alerted me to this.  The John Carroll Society, at its Annual Dinner and Awards function, is scheduled to host Sr. Carol Keehan as a speaker.  The event is scheduled for April 14, starting at 6:30pm at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington.

Clearly this arrangement was made quite some time ago, well before Sr Carol sold millions of unborn babies down the river by throwing the weight of her Catholic Health Association behind the Obama Hell Care bill.  However, it is also clear that in light of last week's events, that the John Carroll Society should rescind its invitation to Sr Carol.

It is up to us, the laity - that means YOU, dear reader - to alert the John Carroll Society to the implications of her besmirching the honor of their society. 

The contact information for the John Carroll Society is here.  Please make sure your messages are cordial and informational.  I for one have no reason to believe that they will disregard our good-will attempts to inform them.  Remember how well the Catholic Information Center responded to our communications and how they gladly did the right thing in revoking their invitation to the Roberts.

Here are some talking points:
  • On or about March 12th, the Catholic Health Association endorsed the bill in its present form.
  • Archbishop Joseph Naumann took issue with the Catholic Health Association for their apparent disregard to the anti-life measures inherent in the Health Bill.
  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, on March 15th, issued a release stating that they would oppose the bill in its present form.  The Catholic Health Association took a position in contradiction to, and in defiance of, the bishops.
  • Sister Carol was present as an honored guest when Obama signed the bill.  She was even given one of the pens as a reward for her assistance in greasing the skids for this bill.
I truly believe the John Carroll Society will do the proper thing and rescind that invitation.  But we must alert them to this problematic situation.

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