Friday, May 15, 2015

Father Linus Clovis Exposes The Harm Of The Francis Effect

Father Linus Clovis is a priest of the West Indies.  Speaking at a seminar for pro-life leaders in Rome last week, Father speaks clearly and unambiguously about the harm that Pope Francis is doing as he tries to accomodate the world at the expense of the Gospel.  Please listen to it and do so several times.  I thank Father for speaking forthrightly and GloriaTV for making this video available.


  1. OnePeter5 also has it. You should hop over there just to read some of the comments in the combox. Some are calling for the good Fr.'s head on a platter for his 'Pope Bashing', and calling the laity who agree with him in a state of GRAVE SIN. Interesting, as I wonder who these people REALLY are? Pray for this good man, as he will pay dearly for his faithfulness to Christ in His Church.


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