Friday, May 29, 2015

Smoke And Wolves Inside The Church

In a post of mine three weeks ago, I touched upon several avenues by which the smoke of Satan is entering into the Catholic Church.  In this post, I'll deal with several of these avenues.  First we look at the various partnerships that the Vatican has struck with those opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ (fifth bullet point).

Caritas is reputedly the main social organization inside the Vatican.  Yet as the Lepanto Institute and other organizations have pointed out, Caritas has been funding and even directing socialist organizations in their promotions of abortion, contraception, marxism etc.

Lepanto has discovered yet another squalid venture of Caritas.  An outfit called Cordaid is apparently a co-founder of Caritas, and remains as the representative of Caritas in the Netherlands.  As you read the link to the Lepanto expose, you'll see that Cordaid is directly involved in the distribution of contraception, sex education, condoms, etc to African countries.  They even gave money to Planned Parenthood of Siera Leone.  It appears that Cardinal Maradiaga stepped down as head of Caritas and was succeeded by Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines.  The Lepanto article ends with a suggestion that Cardinal Tagle be petitioned to separate Cordaid from Caritas.  That might be nice, but give what I've seen of Cardinal Tagle, one should not be surprised if these petitions are disregarded.

By the way - the Cordaid link contains a video report of the misdeeds of Caritas.  Accuracy in Media checked out the facts stated therein and found them to be accurate.  Caritas is promoting disobedience to the Church's teachings on life and sexuality, and also those regarding communism.

Now we'll address the second bullet point in my "smoke" post: advancement of the gay agenda.  First a shout-out to the Lepanto Institue for ferreting out all these snakes in the grass.  We'll now look at some mischief surrounding the Pope's visit to Philadelphia next September.  It's a big conference and as can be expected, there will be many exhibitors.  Someone has to decide what organizations will be allowed to exhibit at this conference.  Who might that someone be?  Lepanto found the answer and it is most disquieting to say the least.  Her name is Teresa Matozzo and she works for Talley Management Group.  She is also a gay activist in a lesbian relationship.  Do we see any potential for dissident bias in the decision-making process?  As critical as that question might be, that's not the most serious question here.  That would be, "what possessed the event organizers to allow a gay activist to have such a role in this papal conference?"

Today we learned from LifeSiteNews that in the wake of the Irish vote disaster and the "shadow council", that Cardinal Kasper wants the synod to consider "the question of same-sex couples".  Cardinal Kasper has written his own book called Pope Francis' Revolution Of Tenderness And Love.  (Since when is love a revolutionary concept in the Catholic Church?)  It's published by Paulist Press.  Father Janus, president of Paulist Press, gave to the pope a copy of that book along with a film about LGBT Catholics called "Owning Our Faith".  Watch the clip and you'll see immediately the heresies therein; (is the priest interviewed in that film still allowed to conduct himself as priest?)  If Father Janus is championing both the film and book, I can only surmise that the book is similarly oriented.

It sure seems we're being force-fed a raunchy diet of pro-sodomy propaganda.  I suspect it's part and parcel of the "maturation" that we're supposed to undergo before the next October sin-nod.  I might suggest a read of Lepanto's treatise on Fatima as it relates to sodomy.

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  1. One Peter Five had, in Steve's 'Friday Roundup', a sermon by Archbishop Schneider that is in response to the depravity promoted by these, umm, shall I even call them Bishops? * Schneider articulately responds to the false doctrines that are being bantered around by the heretics including the 'cult of climate'. He and a few others have written a book in response that clearly defines Church teaching on all matters presently being promoted by these apostate prelates and even the Vatican itself. The opposite of what is being shoved down our throats at present. I hope * Schneider and all know how to market this book far and wide. Faithful Bishops need to flood the world with truth. PRAY.


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