Sunday, September 27, 2015

During Pope's Visit, The Gay Agenda Is Shilled Ad Nauseum

At the papal Mass in Madison Square Garden yesterday, the individual chosen to be lector was Mo Rocca, a notorious gay media personality.  Vox Cantoris has pictures of this individual: both in his "native" element and at the Mass where he did manage to come properly dressed.  As he is a media personality Rocca's mortal sin could not have been unknown to the Mass organizers.  And who was the individual with final responsibility for the Mass?  The local bishop - Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

I've chronicled much about Dolan's many insults to the teachings of Jesus Christ, including those regarding sexuality.  Let me list a few, with links for review.
  • He claimed to hope for "delicacy" while ignoring the attacks on faithful Christians.
  • He was Grand Marshall in the most recent St Patrick's parade, even though they allowed a gay-rights group to march with them.  When Michael Voris questioned him about it at the parade, Dolan had Voris ejected from his presence.
  • He allowed St Francis of Assisi parish to host a "pre-pride mass" before the gay orgy in the streets last summer.
  • He earned the nickname "Cardinal Bravo" for that was his reaction when a college football start came out as gay.
  • He refuses to confront NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, supposedly a Catholic, over his many public sins: support of abortion, support of the gay lifestyle and his public fornication with the First Concubine of New York.
  • Several years ago, when Dolan was the main celebrant at St. Francis Xavier and the "gay ministry" was presented to him, he openly evinced approval of their gay-shilling activities.
  • Of course he joined in the deafening silence of the nation's bishops regarding Kim Davis' plight last month.
Given this rather long list above, I believe it safe to assume that Dolan knew full well of Rocca's mortally sinful lifestyle well in advance of yesterday's Mass and approved his appearance anyway.

With the above in mind, consider some of the individuals who were placed in positions of authority at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, where the pope also put in an appearance.  Thanks to the work of the Lepanto Institute, we had learned that the president of World Meeting of Families has been a regular donor to pro-abortion political candidates.  Now we have learned, again thanks to Lepanto, that Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was named Honorary Co-Chair of the World Meeting of Families.  In his political career, he has promoted abortion and "LGBT rights".  Lepanto attempted several time to contact the Archdiocese of Philadelphia but they never responded.  It is reasonable to believe that all this was done with the approval of Archbishop Chaput.   Nutter announced that he intended to use this new bully-pulpit to promote the gay agenda and even to bring it to the pope if given the opportunity.  On Saturday, when he spoke before the pope at Independence Hall, Nutter did precisely that.

I'd venture a guess that Pope Francis had no knowledge of either of these atrocities.  The responsibility for these lays with both Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Chaput.  Given that the pope is headed for the Ordinary Synod on the Family next week, I might opine that these two episodes are more of the #maturation effort.  After all there's only one more week for that.

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  1. Cardinal Dolan and his lackeys must be called to task. The secular media (based on my observations of the CNN coverage) are sensing blood and moving in for the kill - with an assortment of de facto apostate bishops and clergy - to squash credible Gospel of Life work and opposition to the vice of homosexuality. Even now, as I have documented, clerical-celebrity priest Fr. James Martin S.J. and homosexualist priest-to-be, Jason Welle. S.J. are celebrating Rocca's selection. Welle is on record as openly supporting sodomy.


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