Friday, September 11, 2015

Will The Upcoming Sin-Nod Lead To Schism?

That is a very real concern being voiced by some faithful bishops and laypersons.  Before we watch a video dealing with these questions (ht: LifeSite News), let's digest a piece of news from Rome.  Within the city limits, a square will be dedicated to Martin Luther - with no opposition from the Vatican.  This is not "ecumenism" in any healthy sense of the word.  Martin Luther was a heretic who did much to undermine Christianity, leading to death and destruction - and not just in this life.  Now consider that lately the German Catholic Conference has been standing in open defiance of the Magisterium.  Who is the president of the German Catholic Conference?  Cardinal Reinhard Marx - the same who organized the "shadow council" (now occurring) and who is among the pope's closest advisers.  So now we have the Vatican sitting silently by, while a German heretic is being honored in Rome.  Might this be a nod to the current German heretics?  As you watch the video, notice the references to both Martin Luther and German bishops who are spreading heresy.

By the way - check out Cardinal Marx's crosier at 28:19.  What is that thing supposed to be??


  1. Boy Oh Boy! You are right about Cardinal Marx's Crosier......what in the WORLD is that thing supposed to be???? Kind of scary looking, actually. Didn't notice it the first time I watched the video. PRAY!

  2. Here´s an explanation of this ugly crosier:
    It shall depict the scene fom Matthew 14,28.
    Kardinal Marx´s herald is: Ubi spiritus Domini ibi libertas (!!!).
    Most of the German Catholics applaud him because they are too dumbed down to realize what is really happening.

    BTW, Cardinal Marx is also the President of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community. Their website shows neither a cruxifix nor a cross:

    1. So why do we see only half of their bodies? That is grotesque.


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