Friday, July 29, 2016

Is The Pope Hell-Bent On The Death Of Western Civilization?

I don't have to rehash the sad account of Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest who was murdered by Islamic terrorists.  He was beheaded while saying Mass in his parish Church.  I will point out that the French, over the past few years, have literally opened their borders indiscriminately to thousands of middle east "refugees", among them Islamic terrorists.

The pope commented on the murder as he was flying to Poland.  Yes, it is another plane interview with its own slew of inanities.  He correctly stated that it's a war, but then went on to opine that "all religions seek peace" and then started on a "war of interests, money" etc.  He is exactly incorrect when he said that the murder of Father Hamel had nothing to do with religion.  In fact, the two murderers were affiliated with the Islamic State and were engaged in Islamic rituals during the beheading.  In fact, terrorists consider beheading to be mandated by the quran.  Yet the pope tries to reduce the motivations for such barbarism to be "money and interests".  Consider how he reduces the motivations to materialistic advantage.  Is that not rather symptomatic of a progressive and even socialistic mindset?

Last week LifeSiteNews gave us a glimpse into a book written by Cardinal Burke.  He addresses a variety of topics in that book, including the encroachment of Islam.  He states - correctly so, I might add - that Islam is, because of its own creeds, inherently unable to coexist peacefully with other religions (think about that when you see those silly "coexist" bumper strips on cars).  He said that it's important to understand the differences between Islam and Christianity.  I might add that one key difference is, contrary to liberal pipe-dreams, Muslims worship a false idol, not the One True God.  He said that Islam, according to its own doctrine, must also become the state.  Look at Dearborn Michigan.  We need to wake up, both to Islam and the threats of unbridled and illegal immigration.

The LifeSiteNews piece also mentions the warnings of Cardinal Sarah uttered last year about the dangers of Islam.  In the wake of Father Hamel's murder, Cardinal Sarah issued another warning as he asked how many decapitations would it take for European leaders to realize the situation in which the West finds itself.

Other clergy are sounding the alarm as well.  Father George Rutler, a priest from the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City, wrote of the destructive influence of pacifism and called on the west to wake up.   Sadly some refuse to acknowledge the truth.  Following the progressive scripts to perfection, Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville TX likened the deportation of illegal immigrants to abortion.  In other words, he reduced the victims of abortion to political props to justify his progressive proclivities.  Conveniently he forgets that several of the 9/11 terrorists waltzed across the border like so many others.  How many more of these do we now have in the U.S.?

When will our bishops and yes, pope, man up and face the fact that Islam is opposed to Christianity and stop coddling it?


  1. NEVER did I think I would see the day, that a sitting Pope, a man sitting in the Chair of Peter himself would be a DANGER LITERALLY to the world. A danger to civilization and to souls world wide. I have seen so many Catholic publications that accuse him of being a Mason, and even with evidence that points to this, I hesitated to buy it. A bad Pope, yes, we have had them before. Bad Popes are nothing new to the faith. But MASONIC? I'm starting to believe even this!!!! What else would explain these outrageously damaging and dangerous proclamations and actions??!!

    Just an FYI..........a letter by theologians and clergy has been written and sent to the Pope asking him to correct the ambiguity and irregularity in A.L. They are saying this is the first step in 'confronting' him in his error. It is charitable but bold. I think you can see this at 1Peter5. A good number of our clergy KNOW the problem and are trying to put an end to the heresy being proclaimed. This letter has been signed by a good number of them. Pray for them, these are absolutely courageous men. There is also an open letter to him in regard to ISIS and the REFUGEE invasion as well. There is definitely a good number of our clerics that are trying and taking him head on, and the problem I see is that he has surrounded himself with heretics that are viciously and cunningly defending their false church. I'm wondering if we are, at this point, actually outnumbered?! Jesus please help us! Mary, keep us safe under your Mantle! But remember, Christ has ALREADY WON this war! When the battle gets intense, and I do believe it will get much worse, remind yourselves of this fact. THE WAR HAS BEEN WON!

    Keep praying that Rosary.

  2. Have you noticed that he never says "Guys come to Argentina.,"?

  3. are getting to where I've been for a while now. Do you really want to understand? "Open Letter to Confused Catholics". Pure distilled crystalline Truth.

  4. We have had bad popes before - murderers and adulterers and thieves. But as far as can be gleaned, they did not try to undermine the Church nor were successful at changing the established doctrines of the Church.

    Our current pope may be pristine in his own person. But day after day, he tries to expose the flock to the wolves. Most times, he cares more for the wolves than for the sheep. God help us.

  5. VDQ. Unravel: YES for young single Muslim males for aging and dying Europe; NO for brides of Christ for West's aging and dying congregations -


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