Sunday, July 3, 2016

What Price Are We Willing To Pay To Defend The Faith?

Two days ago an article was published by Sandro Magister indicating that the pope was exploring the possibility of opening Holy Communion to Protestants.  Of course that possibility does not exist unless one is talking of turning a blind eye to sacrilegious Holy Communion.  However since that was explicitly done in Amoris Laetitia (or more accurately, Amoralis Lamentia) in regards to unrepentant adulterers being admitted to Holy Communion, there's no reason to doubt that he just might be mulling that additional sacrilege in his mind.

So what would be next?  Would we see Jewish rabbis with yarmulkes and Buddhist monks in robes in line to receive Holy Communion?  How about Muslim imams?  They did, after all, utter prayers to their false idols in the Vatican gardens.  Perhaps we'll see wiccans and "church of satan" devotees receiving (hopefully not to blaspheme the Host later).  Why not?  It seems like anything goes these days.  Granted many of these would not receive as their own creeds would forbid it, but why would we even welcome the possibility?

Couple this now with an article that was published on the site that I call Crud.  As far as this particular article goes, I've no reason to question its factual accuracy, given other things that have spewed forth from the Vatican lately.  We "ultra-conservatives" and "pelagians" find many causes for concern, as any reader of this (and many other) blogs have noticed during the past few years.  He knows of our concerns for the Faith and the multitude of souls that will languish in hell if they don't receive the fullness of teaching and truth that Jesus literally died to have extended to them.  Yet he is dismissive of them.  That brings me to the points in the next paragraph.

Three months ago I put forth a suggestion that we lay Catholics might need to resist these insults to Our Lord.  I think we need to revisit this matter.  About fourteen years ago some Catholic men organized "ushers of the Eucharist" to physically prevent sacrilegious Holy Communion by gay activists.  I haven't heard from this group since, but I believe this concept bears some exploration and even implementation.  Too many progressives are quite comfortable in putting forth blasphemies and heresies, believing that we are too uncomfortable to confront them.  Only we can end that by stepping out of our comfort zones.  Will there be a price to pay for doing so?  Yes, but that won't be as costly as the price we'll pay if we let the progressives go unchallenged and without resistance.

Now.. Will we have the courage to do so, especially as we know it will be a long and arduous struggle?

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