Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - The Art Of Hypocrisy

I present the video below as a public service to all aspiring deathscorts.  While I know that "training" is offered by the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, such "training" is sketchy at best when it comes down to what will really be expected of you.  I've published some videos in which deathscorts have been engaged in acts that will be expected of you, training talks notwithstanding.  See here and here.

This past Saturday (July 2) a deathscort chided a pro-life person for "blocking".  The video below shows that the pro-life woman wasn't blocking anyone.  Then the deathscort immediately blocks her, interposing herself between the pro-life woman and the ladies getting out of the car.  Again, that's all on the video below.  She engaged in blocking behavior against the pro-life woman: the same behavior of which she accused the pro-life woman just a moment prior.

Somehow I suspect that those giving the "training" sessions for WACDTF will not broach this little aspect of the deathscort job.  But it exists, as the video (and others) demonstrate.  If any deathscort neophytes are reading this, they just might want to view this a few times.

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  1. Finally we see some push back from faithful leaders!


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