Friday, May 26, 2017

Abortionists Gloat Over Their Cold-Blooded Murders

The Center For Medical Progress recorded a conference put on by the National Abortion Federation in 2014.  About 50% of its members and directors are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  They were quite blunt about their murder techniques, etc.  The pro-aborts have been fighting via court injunctions to have these recordings suppressed.  Thanks to corrupt judges they have largely been successful.  Youtube took down videos that had been posted.

Thankfully, organizations such as Live Action have posted the video onto their own sites.  I now link to their page.  I would strongly suggest that all download this video to your own machines to keep the truth from being suppressed.  As you watch, you may be shocked at the cool, nonchalant way they talk about "eyeballs in their laps", etc.  Don't be.  Their consciences are deadened.  Pray that they may wake up before they die and have to answer to God for their heinous murders.

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