Monday, May 1, 2017

Vatican Goes Green - In More Ways Than one

Last week while commenting on how Pope Francis has jumped aboard the "climate change" bandwagon, I proposed (last paragraph of the post) how the Church could put its ostensible "green" convictions into practice.  To be honest, that suggestion was rather rhetorical as I knew the hierarchy would not go for it.  Why not?  Don't they have an eye for being green?  Well, yes they do, but not that green.  They salivate over the other kind of green - as in long green.  Let's face it; those missalettes and magnificat magazines are big business.  Might some of that filter to church officials?  Money talks!

And the chattering of the long green seems to be heard throughout the wheelings and dealings of the Knights of Malta these days.  Lepanto Institute and Church Militant have articles detailing the skulduggery around the ouster of Fra Festing and the de facto ouster of Cardinal Burke.  The Lepanto article in particular reveals the influence of donations in both the two ousters and perhaps with the distribution of contraceptives in which Maltesar has participated.  I won't rehash what they wrote.  But I will point out that all the machinations have the pawprints of the Vatican Secretary of State all over them.

One more thing I'll mention that the two articles don't.  The name Albrecht Von Boeselager is mentioned throughout - the chancellor who Festing discharged but who was reinstated at the obvious promptings of the Vatican.  When all that was going on, Albrecht's brother Georg Von Boeselager was appointed to the board of directors of the Vatican Bank.  Not a coincidence!

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