Thursday, May 4, 2017

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Fret not.  I'm not speaking of myself.  Rather, I ponder the kinds of fans whom Matthew Kelly is attracting these days, judging from a comment that today appeared on a post I wrote last March.  Here is the post, and I direct your attention to the comment that was written today, May 4th.  This individual claims that my "ignorance is manifold".  Yet if you have the stomach to click on the name (and what person claiming to be a "better Christian" assumes a handle like that?), you will be directed to his/her quite pornographic site.  I warn you again, it is pornographic.

So this is one sort of person whom Matthew Kelly attracts.  I'm not saying that all his fans are moral reprobates, but clearly those types seem not to be hearing a message of repentance.  They seem not to be learning about real faith and morals from Kelly.  It would appear that this "feel good, be better" type of preaching is not at all efficacious for eternal salvation.

Stick with the One True Church and her sacraments and her traditional teachings.  The failings of her clergy notwithstanding, she is the Barque of Peter and there is no salvation outside of her.  Any other ancillary teachings and fads are, at best, superfluous.

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