Sunday, May 21, 2017

Good News From Our Parish Times!!

On page 2 of the May issue (or page 3 from the online pdf) we read of the Catholic Communications Campaign that is scheduled for May 27-28.  At the end of the article, we are advised that additional information is available at the USCCB site - and so it is.

"So why is this news particularly good?", inquring minds might ask.  Because it is a way that Catholics can contribute towards communication efforts without any of these donations being diverted to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  For years now, I and many other faithful Catholic bloggers have been sounding the alarm about the CCHD being a front organization whose only function it is to divert Catholic dollars towards progressive anti-life and anti-God organizations.  This fact leapt into the public eye during the ACORN scandals - an organization to whom the CCHD granted millions of our dollars throughout the previous years.

We do notice one curious thing, though.  Even though the Communications efforts appear to have their own collection, the Communications name is still linked to the CCHD on the archdiocese's schedule for second collections.  The collection scheduled for August 5-6 is still called "Catholic Communications and Human Development".  So does the chancery think that Catholics have such short memories and attention spans that we'll forget in August that a collection for Catholic Communications was held less than three months earlier?  That this name and date change for the CCHD collection is a deliberate obfuscation is beyond doubt.

As August approaches, we'll have more information regarding the boycott of the CCHD collection in August.   Suffice it for now to say that any such boycott does not have to impact Catholic Communications.

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  1. I have solved all these issues in my donating. I give once a month via check to my church period. I toss out any and all others. I have family that is in need of my extra dollars as a retiree and will donate goods to our rummage sales. Let them get the money from all the millions they have taken from tax payers for being traitors by aiding and abetting illegals. The checkbook is closed.


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