Sunday, June 3, 2018

From The Georgetown Follies Department: Georgetown Openly Advocates For Baby-Murder

The scandals emanating from Georgetown University (once faithful to Catholicism, but now gone the way of its Jesuit zoo-keepers) are legion.  You can read about them here.  I had been somewhat surprised that there had been nothing too horrendous coming from them lately.  Alas, that respite has drawn to a close.

Father Thomas Reese, SJ, was a former editor of the Jesuit screed-rag known as America.  When Pope Benedict XVI ascended to the papal throne, one of his first accomplishments was the firing of Reese from his position.  Sadly, that failed to improve the magazine; its current editor is Fr James Martin - but I digress.  After his ouster, Reese joined some of his fellow Jesuit sewer rats inside the sewer called Georgetown, where he can be found today.

Exercising the finest intellectual prowess that Jesuits can muster these days, he announced that pro-lifers must consider voting for pro-abortion Democrats to reduce abortions.  Yes, he said that.  This was done partially to object to the President's recent defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Can one imagine in the 1850s, that logic being used to fight slavery?  I suppose the idea is that the Democrat's socialistic economic policies would reduce incentive for abortions.  Leaving aside for the moment that socialism and income redistribution are themselves inherently evil, we cannot pretend that pro-abortion politicians have any interest in reducing abortions.  They are in the pockets of Planned Parenthood and other baby-killers.  One can suspect that Georgetown University is, too.  One gets the impression that he's trying to stave off future pro-life efforts; perhaps we are getting under the skins of Georgetown's pro-abortion sugar-daddies.  He can stuff a sock in it.

In a related story, we learn that Georgetown's Law School is urging its students to support not only Planned Parenthood, but NOW, NARAL and a whole host of other pro-aborts and pro-sodomite-perversion organizations.  This news comes courtesy of TFP Student Action (an excellent organization, by the way).  I'd urge you to support this effort of their's.  The article links to Georgetown's "organizations you can support" page.  Not surprisingly, Georgetown took down this page.  HOWEVER, as we all should know, once something's on the internet, it never quite goes away, thanks to web-crawlers.  One such site is  So here is what wayback archived.  Sure enough, there is the "mysteriously" missing page.  In its NARAL blurb, Georgetown explicitly shills for a woman's "right" to murder her helpless baby.  This sheds lots of light on the reasons behind Reese's sniveling.  I shudder to think of what may be happening in Georgetown's hospital: we know of at least one instance where they attempted to euthanize a woman.

Tell me again why they are still called "Catholic"?  Oh yes, lots of money brings that about.

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