Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Another Supreme Court Improvement On The Horizon

This improvement is occasioned by the upcoming retirement of Anthony Kennedy.  Long known to be a "swing vote", his vote swung the wrong way to affirm Roe V Wade and to foist upon us gay #mowwidge.  If the nomination and seating of Neil Gorsuch is any indication, we might have some real improvement on that court very soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, this proves once again that ELECTIONS MATTER!  To my #nevertrump friends (if you still are in that camp), if you had your way, Kennedy's announcement would have been a harbinger of disaster.  Aren't you glad now that Hillary is not in the White House?


  1. Perhaps now sanity will return to the court. (And I absolutely love watching the Demon-crats hyperventilating!)

  2. We will all be waiting for USCCB crew to announce their great pleasure at this development & and have a call in day to our representatives to quickly approve a conservative appointment! Well maybe that will come when something freezes over.

  3. This just could be the beginning of at least a little SANITY in this country. I'm not holding my breath for the Anti Trump USCCB to throw a party however, besides, they're too busy trafficking children so they can fill their coffers.


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