Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Political Campaign Trash From Montgomery County MD

And the comedy routines continue! Eight years ago, George Leventhal was one of the most rude council members to address pro-lifers when they were trying to ram through the pregnancy center gag bill. It got shot down in court for its blatant unconstitutional treatment of pro-lifers. There you have prima facie evidence of his disregard for the US Constitution, rule of law and the babies. But hey - this ad did proclaim his NARAL endorsement. He certainly does act like he's in their back pockets, doesn't he?

I remember a time when candidates of all persuasions assumed that their constituents were intelligent adults and designed their outreaches accordingly.  Their ads detailed their positions on the issues of the day and they conducted themselves like dignified, mature adults.  No more - at least from the Democrat side.  Has there been similar nonsense on the GOP side?  I'd suspect that there would be next to none.  Maybe the Democrats are putting out this infantile nonsense because that is the constituency to which they really must appeal if they hope to garner votes.  Sadly Montgomery County MD is rather full of such people.


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