Thursday, January 23, 2020

Another Knestout Giving Permission For Mortal Sin?

St Bartholomew parish is located on River Road in Potomac, MD.  The area is quite affluent.  It seems that the parish school is in trouble - in more ways than the pastor, Fr Mark Knestout and other parishioners care to acknowledge.

From the online version of Bethesda magazine, we read of the school's financial troubles and the efforts of some parishioners to bring money to the school.  One of those intent on rustling up some cash for the school is a Christopher Cahill, along with his "husband".


This parish and school has more serious fundamental problems than mere lack of cash.  They appear to have little in the way of fidelity to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ and His One True Church.  One can only guess that Cahill and his accomplice in sodomy are quite open about living in mortal sin.  Is Father Knestout taking any corrective action?  Is he denying them Holy Communion until they quit their mortal sins?  This pair have two children in their custody.   What of the terrible example that the two guys are giving to the children?  Do their fellow parishioners understand what is at stake here?  If the parish tolerates and even approves of this flagrant mortal sin, its own moral lacitude can only corrupt any Catholic education that the school would otherwise be able to impart.  How on earth can they communicate Church moral teaching when they themselves look the other way as it occurs in their Church?

This parish has had a bit of history in looking the other way when it comes to mortal sins of its parishioners.  For many years it was the parish of Connie Morella, until she had a moment of lucidity and realized that her pro-abortion advocacy was at variance with Christian morality.  Rather than repent, she became Episcopalian.  We pray for her repentance, but let's return to the main point of this post.

Unless Father Knestout is completely oblivious - and I don't think he is - he is standing  by  while the Catholic faith of his parish rots.  That being the case, of course the parish school will suffer the ramifications of that.  How many students might have attended that place, has they not been aborted or had their existences prevented via contraception?

Father Mark Knestout is the younger brother of Bishop Barry Knestout of the Diocese of Richmond.  We've been reading enough of the latter's disgraceful dereliction of duty when it come to sacrilege in his diocese; see my blog posts of the past two weeks.

Instead of cash, I'd suggest donations of spiritual boquets, for the conversion and repentance of all involved in this sin of sodomy at St Bart's, either by actual deed done or by giving approval of this sin.  Contact Fr Knestout and ask him to address this serious situation.  If the parish won't reform, then perhaps it's for the best if the school closes, for it would be teaching a deadly counterfeit of the One True Faith.

(HT - Canon 212)

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