Thursday, January 9, 2020

Diocese Of St Augustine Trips All Over Itself In Denials

Thanks to modern technology, the Diocese of St Augustine has been caught in their own snares and wiles as they try to disavow knowledge of McCarrick's presence.  Notice here an updated  statement from the diocese on the matter.  I saw the original and regret not copying it, where they do bad-mouth Church Militant for allegedly not having their reporter contact them.  CM did in fact do so, and the exchange was recorded and that is posted below.  Below that is an account in today's Vortex.  Again, Mr. Weigel, this is why we are needed.


  1. The 'Establishment Church' crowd doesn't know how to do anything OTHER than lie. They function on lies and deceit.

  2. Is it merely my imagination that lends itself to thinking that most bishops are merely politically/socially connected, generically educated, and power seeking individuals whose curial staffers are nice folks but unemployable elsewhere?

  3. As Mr Voris said, 'gotcha'. I would like to hear from Mr Weigel...


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