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Archbishop Lori Asks Homophile Priest To Retire - Call To Action On Our Part

We in Maryland recently learned that Archbishop Lori has asked for the retirement of long-time sodomy-enabling Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St. Matthew's Catholic Church.  In fact, the "ask" is more like "order".  We are delighted to no end and we thank God that some measure of spiritual health and sanity might soon return to that blighted parish.  Father Muth asked the Archbishop for an extension; the Archbishop declined that request.

I have written quite a bit about that parish and the gay-enabling filth that has poured forth from that place for many years; see here, here, here.  Regrettably a sizable portion of the parishioners seem to be of Muth's homophile mindset.  They conducted a meeting to discuss this development, and possible actions they would take.  A Defend Life reporter attended that meeting.  After she was recognized, she was ejected.  No one questions their right to remove people from their meetings.  However, one can wonder why they were so afraid to have a reporter in attendance.  What did they have to hide?

She wrote the following article, that I'll append below.  I'll have more commentary, with actions that you can take to help restore spiritual health to the Church in Baltimore.

Abp. Lori orders early retirement of LGBT activist priest

Denies Fr. Muth’s request to stay on; parishioners plan pushback

            Archbishop William Lori has told Father Joseph Muth, pastor of St. Matthew and Blessed Sacrament parishes in Baltimore, that he wants the long-time LGBT activist priest to retire in September 2020, at age 72.
            Father Muth told his parishioners that he asked the Archbishop that he be allowed to remain until he was 75, but that Lori denied his request.
            Muth, who was ordained in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1974 and has served in various archdiocesan churches since then, has labored indefatigably for years to promote not just acceptance but downright approval of active homosexual and other LGBT behavior by both St. Matthew Church and the Catholic Church in general.
            The priest has been an active member of New Ways Ministry, a Maryland-based national organization founded in 1977 to push for acceptance of active gay and lesbian Catholics within the Catholic Church.
            The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith condemned the group’s positions on homosexuality in 1999.
            Father Muth’s pro-homosexual efforts have met with payoff.
            In 2015 ran with a hugely sympathetic article and videos about the LEAD (LGBT Education and Affirming Diversity) Ministry, which Muth founded at St. Matthew.
            The following year, the Baltimore Museum of Art hosted an exhibit featuring videos extolling Muth’s efforts, through LEAD, to condone homosexual behavior.

            On February 18, about fifty people attended a meeting in St. Matthew parish hall to launch a campaign opposing Archbishop Lori’s retirement dictum.
            “This is the first of three meetings we will have,” explained former priest Peter McIver, who helped conduct the meeting.  “We don’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction—we want to get ideas and strategy.”
            Father Muth, present at the meeting, quoted from the Letter of James 1, 2:  “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”
            His listeners responded with enthusiastic applause.
            One of the meeting organizers then read aloud Father Muth’s lengthy statement, which he had given at his January 15-16 Masses.
            “The Archbishop wants me to retire” in September 2020, he told his congregants.
            Archdiocesan policy calls for a priest to notify the archbishop when he turns 70, he explained.
            Muth said he wrote to the Archbishop that he would be 70 in 2018.  He asked him for permission to stay until 2023, “when I turn 75.”
            One reason for his request, he said, was to see his pastorate “through the final stages of its strategic planning process.”
            The Archbishop, in a January 2020 letter, replied that “after careful consideration,” he thought it would be “in the best interests” to keep the original retirement date of September 2020.
            After the organizer finished reading Father Muth’s statement, the priest commented to the audience, “Messengers come and go—however, the message stays the same:  All are welcome.”

            The organizer then fielded questions for Muth from the audience, which two helpers posted on large sheets of paper.
            Many of the questions revealed the questioners’ anger and frustration at the Archbishop’s retirement mandate.
            “What is meant by ‘after careful consideration’?” asked one person.
            “Why did they pick on Father Muth?” asked another.
            “Is this the only parish that has a reputation of being as liberal and welcome to all?” a woman asked.
            Another woman asked Muth directly, “Do you have the sense that you know that [Lori’s retirement mandate] is because of your activism to the immigrants and the LGBT community?”
            “I have a sense that that is part of it,” Muth admitted.  “But there are three other parishes with an active LGBT group, and five others are considering it.”

            While the questioning was proceeding, a man in the audience, who earlier had mentioned that he was part of the LEAD Ministry, saw a Defend Life reporter sitting next to him taking notes, and asked if she was a reporter, and with whom.
            When she told him, he immediately got up and walked over to Father Muth, who was standing nearby, and whispered to him.
            A few minutes later, the woman conducting the questioning announced, “This is a safe place, where a person can give their thoughts and opinions freely.  We’re going to pause for several minutes and ask that anyone who is planning on reporting the meeting to respect that and leave.”
            She looked straight at the reporter.
            The reporter objected to the term “safe place,” saying that she was not going to use names, and no one’s “safety” was going to be violated.
            The organizer repeated that this was a planning and strategy session for the parish, and parishioners wanted to be able to speak freely.
            “But this is a newsworthy event,” the reporter objected.  “It’s of rightful interest to Catholics in other parishes in the Archdiocese!  What about freedom of the press?”
            The organizer continued to insist that she leave.
            “So I’m being ordered out,” the reporter retorted.  She put on her coat and left.
            Defend Life has reported critically for four years on the LGBT activities of Father Muth and the LEAD Ministry, and of Archbishop Lori’s tacit permission, by his silence, of those activities.
            Those reports included a photo revealing Father Muth marching in the 2016 Gay Pride Parade in Baltimore in 2016.

            Defend Life also published a photo of LEAD Ministry members marching in Baltimore’s  2018 Pride Parade with signs identifying them as from St. Matthew Catholic Church, despite Lori’s asking Muth that no such signs be carried.


So the presence of the reporter was going to prevent the parishioners from speaking freely?  Why? Are they really such delicate little snowflakes?  Probably so, for the facilition of moral depravity often leads to cowardice and shame.

We can bet that one of their strategies will be to blast the Archbishop's office to get him to stand down.  What we MUST do is to contact his office too.  We must thank him for this step that he is taking and urge him to stand firm and not waver in the face of pressure - be it from these errant parishioners or perhaps even his homophile brother bishops.

I'd also suggest contacting Father Muth or at least the parish office.  Urge him to obey the archbishop's request without further ado.  Urge him to use his retirement time to repent and do reparation, for owing to his gay activism, he has placed his soul in grave danger of damnation with that danger being multiplied for the sacrilege against his own Holy Orders.

Here is contact information for Archbishop Lori.   Contact information for Fr Muth is here.  You might also want to go to their social media sites and leave them messages.


  1. I visited this parish many times before I was led by God to see the error of my ways. I mean I identified as'gay' and wanted 'affirmation'. Well the parish encourages and celebrates sodomy very publicly. In retrospect this was not'affirming' me in any real sense. beyond that the parish is basically completely Protestant. the faith is not taught. pure unadulterated secular humanism rules.

  2. This is soo sad! A very misleading,tunnel-visioned, and surely unjustly JUDGEMENTAL gutter press.
    I am a proud parishioner of St. Matthews for the last 15 years. During this time, I must attest that St. Matthews has been very inviting, uplifting, and above all, a place where i've grown strong and deeper in faith. All through Fr. Joe's leadership and Christ-like spirit.
    Fr. Joe's spiritual principles have always been guided by the teachings from "Matthew 25: 31-40". Among many more verses in this same line.
    To those that call themselves Christians but yet choose and pick from what Bible verse fits them best. Look at yourself again in the mirror. If this verse and many others with the same message instruct you to exclude the less marginalised, please call me out.
    Fr. Joe DO NOT support sodomy.Rather Fr. Joe has always been indiscriminately welcoming, and especially to the marginalized. From the Bible I read, this is what being Christ-like is all about.Evidently, this is not "god-like" to so many, including those in leadership.

    1. "Fr Joe DO NOT support sodomy"? Would you at least please use proper grammer? It's "does not". Anyway, what do you call participation in the gay pride parades? What do you call the LEAD mess? What do you call baptizing the child of sodomites without calling them to repentance? And then you have the chutzpah to lecture me about "choose and pick from the Bible"? I have no idea what "faith" you've grown in, but it's not the authentically Catholic faith leading to eternal salvation. Please get yourself to a truly decent parish and go to confession.


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