Friday, July 2, 2021

The Noose Is Tightening Around The Neck Of The Traditional Latin Mass

 Please watch this video in its entirety.  Discussion below.

So in the name of "unity", the pope and his progressive lemmings want to ban TLM  "only-ism", essentially forcing priests devoted to the TLM to say Novus Ordo Masses because of "rigidity" or other such nonsense.

It seems to this lowly layperson that the pursuit of "unity" must work both ways, right?  Where's all this "dialogue" that was supposed to be a hallmark of this papacy?  The word "dialogue" means a two-way conversation, some "give and take" on both sides, right?

Therefore, if the vatican wants to rid the world of that deadly plague known as TLM-only-ism, surely it wishes to do the same of what can be similarly called NO-only-ism.  We eagerly await the announcement that all Novus-Ordo priests will be obliged to learn the traditional Latin Mass, and that henceforth it must be taught in all seminaries.  In other words, each and every Roman Catholic priest (of course bishops are priests, too) will be able to celebrate both forms of Holy Mass!  Not only that, but the NO priests will be called upon to celebrate the Latin Mass periodically, just as the TLM priests will be ordered to celebrate NO Masses!   What's that you say?  "Don't hold my breath"?  What???

Would that what I proposed facetiously in my last paragraph was what the pope had in mind.  I only stated it, however, to illustrate the hypocrisy and double-standards.  I will say this for them, though.  As evil as the vatican inhabitants are, they at least understand the principle "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".   Too many Catholics, faithful and well-meaning though they be in other areas, simply fail - or refuse - to understand that principle.  They fail to accept how they compromise their own faith when they giggle at jokes from the pulpit or sing some heretical poop for the offertory or clap for some individual during Mass.

Let's look at what the Council of Trent says about the Holy Mass.  Scroll down a bit and read Canon IX.    "If any one saith, that the rite of the Roman Church, according to which a part of the canon and the words of consecration are pronounced in a low tone, is to be condemned; or, that the mass ought to be celebrated in the vulgar tongue only; or, that water ought not to be mixed with the wine that is to be offered in the chalice, for that it is contrary to the institution of Christ; let him be anathema "   So anyone banning the use of Latin is anathema.

That said, we note with displeasure the words attributed to Cardinal Parolin: "We must end the Old Latin Mass forever".   If he said this, he stands in direct disobedience to the Council of Trent.  However, as noted above, these fellows understand "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  They acknowledge, albeit grudgingly, the superiority of the Tridentine Rite.  Whether or not they succeed in driving the TLM out of Catholic parishes remains to be seen.  We must, however:

  • Be praying our Rosaries that Our Lord protect the Holy Mass
  • Be supporting those priests who do offer the Traditional Mass, both by our attendance and with our dollars.
  • Be prepared to go underground to celebrate Mass properly.


  1. I read the SSPX response. They seem calmly confident - Praise God!

  2. It is a time to be serene and not run about with hair on fire, which is what they want. They certainly do know the TLM is the Mass of the Ages, and it is the proper worship of God as God intended. God left nothing to chance for holy worship. These men rail against God, they shake their fists at the sky against him. He will have the last word, but in the meantime, Catholics must shake off any notions about being "obedient" or "submissive". This is no time for either. These men aim to deprive the faithful Catholics of their treasure. They've taken everything else. This they will not have. They realize they are drawing the line that we cannot cross. Will not cross. We will have the TLM. If they take it away, we shall go where it is. We will not have altar girls, tambourines, or guitars. We will have the Holy Mass or nothing.
    God be with us.

  3. Umnnnhhhh.....if it's a "Bishop's option" thing, in the US we can FOLLOW THE MONEY. With rare exceptions, US Bishops cannot easily afford to alienate EF adherents. After all, there are options outside Diocesan 'approved' Masses--and those guys know it.


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