Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Saul Alinsky, Vatican II, And Cancel Culture

 I will be posting a number of videos that may seem somewhat disjointed, but they are really examinations on what has been happening in the Church lately.  The mess started decades ago, quite some time before the obviously turbulent 1960s.

In the first video, Taylor Marshall exposes the friendship that existed between Saul Alinsky and Cardinal Montini in the late 1950s.  Cardinal Montini, a few years after their conversations, became Pope Paul VI.  Doesn't that put Vatican II in a different light?

So it seems that these troubling occurrences of highly-placed prelates hobnobbing and even taking cues from progressive anti-God subversives is nothing new.  It goes back over sixty years and involves the sitting pope at the time.  Could this be one reason why Pope Francis desired to canonize Paul VI?  At Vatican II, the New World Order's war on Christianity was significantly advanced, and continues to this day, with greater momentum.

In this video, Michael Matt talks of the "encouraging" letter that Pope Francis wrote to heretic Fr James Martin, carrying on the dubious tradtion established with the Montini-Alinsky gabfests.

So Father Martin, owing to his dissidence, is one priest who was not canceled at the behest of the New World Order demagogues.  But plenty were.  Several days ago, Steve Bannon interviewed Liz Yore on his War Room podcast, discussing the various "cancellations".  She pointed out two things.  First, the progressives are coming out of hiding and are doing their mischief quite blatantly.  Second, more and  more good people are waking up and are starting to stand up to the nonsense.  My prayer is that this is not "too little, too late".  Here's that video.

Let's be praying our Rosaries.

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  1. Dear Bishop Callahan:
    With all possible, if any, respect, I write this letter to you, not in hopes that you will admit and
    change your Evil ways, but in my own way, to tell you how much your cowardly response to the
    laity, showed me just how far gone you are.
    Satan has gotten his hooks into you, deeply. I really never heard of you until this egregious
    issue arose; so I don’t know if you have always been a pawn of Evil, or something or someone
    (Satan), changed you along the way. It takes courage to admit when one is wrong, so I pray for you
    to be touched by our Lord Jesus Christ and, somehow, someway that you openly admit and repent
    if you truly want healing in your Diocese; or is there no saving yourself because you cannot see!?!
    As Romans 1:28-32 tells us, I will pray for you, then forget you and leave you to your own
    In Faith,
    John Binns


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