Sunday, July 18, 2021

Pray And Have Hope, But Don't Put A Happy Face On A Dire Situation

In this video, Taylor Marshall gives his analysis of the MPFH, that is, Moto Propitio From Hell, also known as Traditionis Custodes.

Towards the end of the video, Marshall opines that the end game of the modernists is to move faithful Catholics into some "coral".  He speaks as if that is an inherently bad thing.  I'm not so certain of that.  Recall that Pope Benedict XVI predicted that the true Church would have to get smaller.  So is this "coral" necessarily bad?  If we are isolated, perhaps we are in the sense that the ancient Roman Christians were isolated in the crucible of the catacombs.  They loved and supported each other, and most importantly, gave true worship to God and spread the Gospel and the Church.  

I do have another issue with this video, and perhaps it's more of a matter of emphasis.  Several times Marshall exhorts us to be "joyful", but he seems to be speaking in terms of not giving the progressives ammnition to us against us.  Well, what does he mean by "being joyful"?  I ask because the world has a definition of "joy" that is quite at variance with that listed as a fruit of the Spirit in Galatians.  If he means that this "joy" should somehow mollify the progressives, isn't that in fact asking Catholics to conform their behavior to worldly standards of "joy"?  

I'm not so certain that "joy" is a proper response.  Consider that the (reputed) Vicar of Christ just abrogated the supreme means of offering God fitting worship.  This isn't about us primarily, but about an insult to God Almighty by the Vicar of Christ in the name of the Roman Catholic Church.  Do we understand how catastrophic this is?  If this goes unopposed, serious spiritual ramifications will follow.  Yes, God is in ultimate control and yes, there will be the ultimate triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart, but in the meantime souls will be lost forever owing to the derelictions  by the Church that seem to be mounting almost on a daily basis.  Pray, fast, do penance.  Build up your local TLM parishes and Masses.  If necessary, go to TLMs outside your dioceses - and take your donations with you.  This is a time for serious prayer and action, not trying to give or take comforts every time a hardship is presented to us.  There will be literal hell to pay in the meantime.  We need stiff spines, hard noses, thick skins.

I believe Michael Matt's take on the gravity of the situation is much more realistic.  Yes, hope, but acknowledge the reality of the struggle.

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  1. I agree with you, RDCC: I see no reason to be joyous that "the supreme means of offering God fitting worship" will no begin to be severely limited / reduced. Still, it ids fitting to remind ourselves that ultimately, the battle is won -- we must stick to our parts.

    FYI, I don't think the modernists are herding us into coral reefs. I better metaphor would be corrals. :)


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