Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Catholic Charities Knowingly Engages In Human Trafficking

Complicit Clergy produced the expose that is below.  Truth be told, it is no surprise that Catholic Charities is all on board with human trafficking, including the rapes of women and children, the usage of children to portray an image of families coming across the border.  Apparently the children are being used multiple times, being drugged so as not to react with fright to total strangers holding them.

After you watch this video, please read the anthology of posts that I did about Catholic Charities over the years.  You'll see that Catholic Charities has collected millions of tax dollars to "resettle" border-crashers (by the way, "tax dollars" means your dollars extorted by the feds).  Now one wonders if they might be receiving funding from other sources such as drug and prostitution cartels.

One of my first forays into picketing faux-katholycs was a picket of a DC Catholic Charities Gala that featured pro-abort AFL-CIO leader John Sweeney and now Mr McCarrick as co-chairs.  Many of the "katholycs" entering into the swanky affair gave us the finger and utilized language that would have done the town drunks proud.

Not only is Catholic Charities involved in scandalous, if not criminal activity, but Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Campaign for Human Development are as well.  I won't say they are compromised, as though their original purposes were noble.  Rather, I will say that the undermining of Catholic faith IS their original purpose.  Give them not one red cent of your hard-earned money and encourage others to do the same.  Many truly worthwhile charities exist that would be more worthy recipients of your contributions.


  1. Follow the money. What happens to the children? Criminal.

  2. I used to give to our local CC but stopped when they gave the JJ shots with the fetal cells. The diocese also allows "trans-women" (men) into a women's shelter. I give to the local food bank now. Cannot give to the CRS or the that stupid campaign for 'human development' that also funds abortion agencies.

  3. Precisely what I've been saying for months. And the MOST egregious violator is the Bishop of El Paso, TX; a fellow I'm ashamed to say is a native Wisconsinite.


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