Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Why We Salute The Canadian Truck Drivers - Let's Support And Emulate Them

The Remnant and LifeSiteNews both published an open letter penned by Archbishop Vigano to the Canadian truck drivers (and companions) who are standing up to their tin-horn-dictator government.  He succinctly points out the underlying issues regarding their plight, facts that not even they may yet know.  Yes it is all about the Great Reset and our duty to oppose it.  

Here is the link to it.  On that Remnant page is a video that is worth watching.

LifeSiteNews is spearheading a fund-raising effort to support the truckers and their families.  One such effort was in place on GoFundMe, but the woke wonks there saw fit to close it down.  LifeSiteNews (itself a Canadian organization) won't do so.  Contribute to them here.  I would say that they are much more worthy recipients of your donation dollars than are the Catholic Charities crooks outfits mentioned in my prior post.

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