Thursday, April 21, 2022

Beware The Chosen

When I first heard of the series called "The Chosen" and saw some trailers, some red flags flew.  The character of "Jesus" seemed to be a bit too familiar with the other characters, so I never troubled myself to watch it.  After reviewed the video below, I am grateful to God for sparing me that.

Now I know that there are those who say that the series can't be judged on those few questionable clips.  However, does anyone gainsay the points made in the video below about the problems with "The Chosen"?

Let me illustrate it with an example that I used before.  Say that someone sets before you a tasty, healthy, meal.  That meal has just one little problem.  A malefactor put into it a few drops of cyanide.  However, the rest of the meal is very beneficial and healthy in and of itself.  Would you take one bite of it?  Neither would I.

Satan is sly when he wants to introduce error.  He doesn't present it to us in a garish, ugly manner.  He allows it to come to us along with trappings that may well be holy in and of themselves.  But it's only that one or two drops of poison that render the whole package deadly.


  1. I watched a short portion from the wedding feast of Cana and found it so obnoxious I never looked at any of the rest. Mary was unbelievable and a lot of the dialogue is ridiculously modern. I had no interest in watching it after that.

  2. I watched 1 1/2 episodes with my proty friend and could take it no more before begging off. I'm so very sad that the likes of Dr. Scott Hahn promote it.


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