Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Be Careful Whom You Cite as Reliable Sources

Three posts down (posted two days ago), we watched the testimony of Elisabeth Sowecke of the Potomac Family Planning Center.  Perhaps you'll recall how we chuckled when she cited the National Abortion Federation as an authority to debunk the harm done to women by abortion.  You may also recall from other news sources that an abortion mill in Englewood New Jersey, Metropolitan Medical Associates settled a lawsuit brought against them for a botched abortion.  The settlement amount was $1.9 million; the woman had suffered massive hemorrhaging, stroke, coma and hysterectomy.  She nearly died.  State inspectors, after the incident, found dirty forceps, rusty crochet hooks and red "dirt" under an examination table.  Lovely!  Oh, by the way - this abortuary is affiliate with - you guessed it! - the National Abortion Federation.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, in 2006 bought a vacated abortion facility that had also been associated with the NAF.  Blood-stained carpets and roach infestation were just a few of the goodies that the abortionists left behind for Newman et al to clean up.

So much for the "credibility" of the National Abortion Federation!

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