Friday, December 4, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Dismantle the USCCB

Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV discovered and exposed the travesty of Mary Kay Henry's affiliation with the USCCB.  Rather than rehash Mr Voris' work, I'll let you hear from him.

Here is the page from the USCCB site that plainly shows Ms Henry's affiliation with the subcommittee (on the list, she's the second from the bottom).  I found some more links on Ms. Henry.  Here's one from "", detailing some supporting statement that she gave.  By-the-by: as you read her statement, look to the left, in that green sidebar.  Notice that John Sweeney also cozies up to the gay rights movement.  You might recall several years ago that we picketed a Catholic Charities gala in DC where he was honored as co-chair (the other chair was Cardinal McCarrick - surprised?).

It goes without saying that no practicing gay person has any business advising bishops about anything, let alone health care.  It's like letting a drug kingpin advise the DEA how to do its job.  The bishops in turn should be admonishing her to repentance, not bestowing adulation upon her.

I share Mr. Voris' disgust at the shenanigans that are so epidemic at the USCCB.  It is high time that this colossal waste of Church dollars was dismantled, so that bishops could go about being bishops and not be bogged down by that thinly-disguised liberal cabal.

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  1. Archbishop Wuerl honored John Sweeney at Georgetown University earlier this year. Read it here on my blog:


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