Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mongomery County "Full Service Clinics" In Action

You saw below the malfeasance of two abortuaries: one in Wisconsin and the other in North Carolina.  On December 1st, we heard testimony from representatives of two local clinics that they are pure as the driven snow.  Public record does NOT corroborate such claims.

Laura Meyers is director of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC.  She may not have been director when the September 2006 botched abortion happened, but surely she was aware of it when she testified.  On September 7, 2006, a 13-year old girl who was raped was brought to the PP on 16th Street by her mother.  In this "safe and legal procedure", the girl's vagina, uterus and small bowel were slashed.  Moreover, much of the dead baby was left inside her uterus.  She became severely ill, suffering from peritonitis and profuse bleeding.  She was treated the next day at a real medical facility, but she's now permanently infertile.  In February 2008, a lawsuit for $50 million was filed.  It is interesting to note that the lead attorney for the plaintiff is none other than Thomas V "Mike" Miller.  Maryland residents will recognize him as the Maryland Senate Majority Leader.  Miller himself is rabidly pro-abortion.  However, he must smell enough potential for money that he would disregard any prior relationship with an abortionist outfit. 

Not to be outdone is Potomac Family Planning Center in Rockville, MD.  Its owner and one of the abortionists is Earl McLeod.  On December 20, 1997, Jennifer Hallner came for an abortion.  She underwent general anesthesia - from which she never awoke.  His anestheseologist (who flunked the anestheseologist exam at least 4 times) administered the drugs and McLeod did the baby-murder.  They called Rockville Volunteer Fire and Rescue paramedics.  These paramedics reported shock at the substandard emergency preparation on premise.  To make a long story short, on November 17, 1999, his license was suspended for 3 months (is that all??).  The case is now off the website, but that case number is 98-0472 for anyone who would care to do further research.

With that, I present to you now the testimony of Elisabeth Sowecke, who works at Potomac Family Planning Center.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

In the beginning, she states that "we have provided compassonate care safely and confidentially to generations of women.."  Can it be that she is simply unaware of her employer's chequered past with Mrs. Hallner?  She gripes about "undue stress" from crisis pregnancy centers; what of the undue stress suffered by the Hallner family?  I cannot help but notice how the eye contact between her and the council members during the bulk of her testimony is non-existent.  Only towards the end does she look up when she states that she welcomes question - but the tone of her voice at that point exudes all the charm of a barracuda.  Now why was that? 

She makes the point that "the yellow pages have classified non-medical pregnancy centers as abortion alternatives, since the early 1990s, specifying they do not provide abortion services or abortion referrals.  Medical family planning clinics are classified as abortion providers who perform abortion services or refer clients to businesses that do."  For heaven's sake!  She's corroborating the testimonies of the directors of the pro-life centers, who have all stated that they do make clear their stances on abortion!  So why is the Council trying to cram this sham of punitive legislation down our throats?  Why this de facto kangaroo court?

The chuckle from us that you hear shortly after that is because of her quote from the National Abortion Federation stating that the well-proven harms to women occasioned by abortion are myths.  That's like taking the word from the "Fox's Labor Guild" that fox attacks in the hen house cause no harm to the hens being devoured by the foxes!

She does state later on that she has witnessed "safe abortions procedures for over 4 years", so the Hallner disaster may well have predated her tenure at this death mill.  Elisabeth, if you're reading this, I'd strongly advise you to do some research independently on your employer; the case number is cited above.  Please do so before you claim that Potomac Family Planning Center is "a medical facility providing dignified care".  Whatever else "dignified care" means, it does not mean having a non-certified anestheseologist putting a patient into a sleep from which she'll never awake and then not having the proper equipment on hand to revive her.  For Ms. Myers: "dignified care" does not mean slashing the guts of a teenager so that she'll never be a mother in the future.   

She states that "there is a need to clearly specify the differences between services offered by non-medical cpcs and procedures provided by medical family planning clinics." Well, here's one crucial difference never touched upon by the so-called pro-choicers - including those on the Mongomery County Council.  When a woman walks into a cpc, she walks out under her own power.  She never has to run the risk of being taken away in an ambulance, perhaps with a sheet over her head.  Such are the "full services" that cpcs don't provide!

Let's take another look at the NARAL fundraiser program.  Notice that Allie Harper of the Potomac facility is listed there.  Notice that her donation level appears to be higher than the bulk of them.  Now there is reason to believe (as Gail Tierney noted) that this legislative attempt is being inspired in part by NARAL.  I'll have more on that within the next day or so.

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