Monday, December 14, 2009

Maryland Catholic Conference Swallows Health Bill Koolaid

I received an email alert today from the Maryland Catholic Conference that confirms that they are still being willingly blinded by the socialisitic smoke of the Obama Hell Bill. They think if only those nasty little abortion-funding blemishes just go away, why, the Hell Bill will be the dream of the poor!  It's more like putting lipstick on a rattlesnake.

Oh, one more little blemish needs to go, according to the MCC.  All immigrants, and I mean all, should have access to the Hell Bill - according to them.  Here's one snippet from the letter.
"Please also consider asking your Senators to vote against amendments being offered by Senators Ensign (R-NV) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that would create barriers to immigrants from obtaining health care coverage for which they are eligible."

Sessions' amendment would merely have stated that the identities of immigrants must be verified to prevent fraud.  It stipulates also a 5-year waiting period so that they will have paid into the system.  Ensign's amendment would merely have assured that citizens have the same health care choices as immigrants.  Just what is the MCC's problem with these?

I am against these amendments only because I'm against the whole rotten stinking Hell Bill.  No amendment will pretty up that debacle-in-waiting.

When will the legislative arms of the American Church wake up to fact that they are being played for suckers by socialists?  Or are they in cahoots with them?  These State Conferences claim to exemplify the social teaching of the Magisterium.  But all they do is agitate for governments to throw money at social problems rather than exhort the Catholics in the pews to get off their derrieres and minister to the needy.  Gee - they almost sound like Alinskyan community organizers, don't they?

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