Saturday, December 5, 2009

More on Montgomery County Council Hearings - A Pro-Abortion Escort "Testifies"

The clip below shows the testimony of Colin Fleming, a volunteer with the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force - WACDTF, for short.  He states that he has volunteered at the Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring, MD.  That is true enough; I myself am a sidewalk counselor in front of that death mill and do recognize him.  Here he is.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

He alleges that we deceive women into going to pro-life pregnancy centers.  We do ask them to go, and often take them there, but by no means do we engage in deceit.  We make clear to the ladies that when they go, they'll be given help to carry their baby to term and to help them with their practical needs along the way.  Again, never do we engage in deceit, and I challenge him to produce any evidence of these false allegations.  Of course he cannot; no such evidence exists because no such deceit occurred!

Mr. Fleming has given his version about the state of affairs in front of the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood, and I have called his testimony into question, being one of the "anti-choice" people he so perjoratively portrays.  Let me state for the record that we seek only to warn women of the very real physical and spiritual dangers of abortion, and to offer help.  WACDTF and other agents of Planned Parenthood have made it their mission to keep us from offering real aid to these ladies.  Again, it can be our word against theirs - or is it???  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that's so, then a video clip must be worth a million words.  Watch a "few million words" below! (Note - the WACDTF folks are in the orange vests.)  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

We hope this helps put Mr. Fleming's testimony in perspective.  We point out, too, that this Silver Spring office is a branch office of Planned Parenthood of Metro DC.  A few days ago, I posted the testimony of Laura Myers, Director of Planned Parenthood of Metro DC.  To be fair to Ms. Myers, the events on the video clip are two years old; I don't know whether or not she was director at that time.  I do know, however, that WACDTF states plainly on its website that it acts as agents of the clinics.  That means that the mills bear legal responsibility for WACDTF actions on their property or behalf.  So who might be implicated (at least partially) in the shenanigans that you just watched?

The answer is obviously Planned Parenthood.  To give you some more perspective on the "thinking" (using the term loosely) of Planned Parenthood in general, I'm going to show yet another video; this one is produced by a PP in San Francisco.  As you watch, notice how a pro-death predisposition reduces their thinking to an adolescent level. Warning!  Crudity alert!  But what else would you expect from PP??  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

So Planned Parenthood and their cronies (such as WACDTF) obviously relish the thought of pro-life people being drowned, blown up and decapitated!  Such are the people who want these regulations passed.  What they cannot accomplish by thuggery on the sidewalk, they want to accomplish by unconstitutional and draconian fiats.  Unfortunately these people seem to have control of a majority of the Council members, as evidenced by these members' public support of NARAL last October.

I echo Msgr Brennan's exhortation to the Council members - to do the right thing regardless of their personal proclivities.  Will they?

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