Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Current CCHD Grantees Participate In "Economic Terrorism"?

Both Michael Hichborn of American Life League and my colleague at the Threshing Grain alerted me to this.  This past weekend, a left-wing gathering organized by the Left Forum occurred at Pace University of New York City.  A glance at the program (downloadable, by the way) is quite educational in many respects.  You'll see seminars such as "Understanding and Responding to the Tea Party Threat" and "The Attack on Teacher Unionism and Public Education".

Look at the board of directors of the Left Forum.  Take note of the name Frances Fox Piven.  That's right!  She is one half of the brains behind the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  I've written on this previously.  Heavily influenced by Alinskyan thought, the basic idea is to overwhelm the government and other authorities with unreasonable demands and pressures so that it collapses, or comes close to it.  Bear that in mind as you watch the clip later on.

Many liberal and progressives joined in this gabfest.  I'll point out a select few:
Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
Restaurant Opportunities Center, NY (ROC)
Chinese Staff and Workers Association (CWA)
Philadelphia Unemployment Project

If you go and do a word search on these, you'll find them in there.  Now you might well be asking why I point these out.  The reason is really quite simple.

They are current CCHD grant recipients!

Actually, it's no surprise, as the CCHD has for decades now been funding organizations that are literally hell-bent on bringing down the United States and Western civilization.  Of course they're gunning for Christianity as well.  Take a close look at the transcript of one of the talks found at The Blaze.  It is given by one Steve Lerner, a former SEIU operative.  I'm sure he really believes what he is saying - and the audience is obviously lapping it up.  By the way - according to Business Insider, Lerner was ousted from SEIU for using millions of their dollars to implement similar stunts.

As you watch this clip with some excerpts from that discussion, let's realize that CCHD money indirectly went to this meeting that was promoting the use of Cloward-Piven tactics to bring about the downfall of our banking system.  That is NOT where our donation dollars belong!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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