Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keep Lobbying The Maryland House Of Delegates To Preserve Marriage!

Please contact House Delegates NOW

The latest word is that the same sex marriage bill's supporters are still a few votes short of the 71 votes needed to send the bill to the governor. Read the Times article on how you have made a difference.

But activists are pulling out all the stops, seeking to win over the handful of delegates who have not yet declared how they will vote. The full House opened debate on the bill today, with a vote to come at any time. We need your help today. Help keep the pressure up! Help make sure your delegate gets the message: The people of Maryland do not want to redefine marriage. Period.


Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. (Democrat, District 27ACalvert & Prince George's), (301) 423-8100

Delegate Veronica Turner (D26 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3212,(301) 858-3212

Delegate John Olszewski, Jr. (D6 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3458, (301) 858-3458

ERIC M. BROMWELL (Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County)
House Office Building, Room 415,(410) 841-3766, (301) 858-3766

RUDOLPH C. CANE (Democrat, District 37A, Dorchester & Wicomico Counties)
House Office Building, Room 364,(410) 841-3427, (301) 858-3427

ANA SOL GUTIERREZ (Democrat, District 18, Montgomery County)
House Office Building, Room 220, (410) 841-3181, (301) 858-3181

ROBERT A. COSTA (Republican, District 33B Anne Arundel County)
House Office Building, Room 159, (410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551

Delegate Tawanna Gaines (D22 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3058,(301) 858-3058

Delegate James Proctor, Jr. (D27A, Calvert & Prince George's Counties), (410) 841-3083, (301) 858-3083

Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (D26 Prince Georges County) * Judiciary Committee, (410) 841-3210, (301) 858-3210

Delegate Melody Griffith (D25 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3557, (301) 858-3557

Delegate Melvin Stukes (D44 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3544, (301) 858-3544

Delegate Marvin Holmes (D23B Prince Georges), (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310

Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (D41 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3283, (301) 858-3283

Delegate Barbara A. Robinson ( D40 Baltimore City) (410)841-3520 (301)858-3520

Send an email to your own delegates.
Please take action right now. Your email could make the difference.

Call individual legislators-Phone 301 970 5000

URGENT We believe the vote may be on Friday; that is TOMORROW.

If you can go to Annapolis and lobby these delegates as well as your own today or tomorrow now is the time!

Come out for the vote in Annapolis in House chambers on Friday (March 11th) from 10:00-1:00 and if they don't have it because of your calls go and lobby some more.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS AND CALLS!!!! Forward this alert/blog post to as many people as possible.

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