Friday, March 18, 2011

Fire Bomb Thrown At Pro-Life Prayer Warrior At An Abortuary

Don't expect to find this in the Washington Post or New York Times.  Had it been a pro-abortion person who was the target of the violence, they would sound the alarm far and wide and often.  But not for a pro-life person - mum's the word.  That's why we bloggers are here - and why the Messiah Most Miserable and the Mindless Minions of the Left want to shut us down.

Last evening, in Kalispell, Montana, someone threw a Molotov cocktail bomb at a 40 Days for Life participant as she was praying in front of the local abortuary.  Fortunately he or she missed and the woman, who was rather elderly, was unharmed.  It did ignite as it hit the ground.  Had it hit her, it would have injured her and perhaps even killed her.

From the Lifenews account, the woman appeared to have been alone (I'll get into that deplorable state of affairs later).  She called the local 40 Days leader who alerted the police.  Apparently it's rather difficult to alert that police department out of its lethargy, owing to their dismissive attitude towards what may have been an attempt on that woman's life.  Tom Brecha of the Thomas More Society is stepping forward on that woman's behalf to press for disciplinary action against the (hardly) responding officer and his supervisor.

Wake-up call for 40 Days for Life leaders!!  Anyone who accepts a position of leadership, formal or de facto, bears moral responsibility for the safety of the people whom he/she directs in any Christian/pro-life endeavor.  You must, before God, do your utmost to make conditions as safe as humanly possible.  Don't be naive or cavalier with that aspect of your responsibilty and then claim that is "trusting God".  That is not true faith; rather, it is a sanctimoneous cop-out.

Leaders!  Please make it a policy that no one goes out alone to the mills - particularly women.  If that means some slots go uncovered, that's just tough tiddly-winks.  Of course there will be some who do so anyway; you can't stop that, but you can make very clear that you disapprove of that.  Again, the responsibility is ours.

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