Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Say "NO!!" To ANY Budget, Short-Term Or Permanent, That Gives One More Red Penny To Planned Parenthood

Much of this information comes from Jill Stanek's blog; I commend Family Research Council and other groups who are monitoring the votes.  The post relayed the dismal news that last evening, the GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee released another proposed short-term Continuing Resolution to kick in when the current one expires next week.  It continues the Planned Parenthood funding to the tune of:

$950,000 each DAY

That is unacceptable, to say the least.

Many of us, particularly the pro-lifers and the Tea Party activists, voted a good number of these Republicans into their offices with the expectation that they would vote for principle over political expediency.  We need to make very clear to them that we will not accept more of the "same-old, same-old".  I link now to the roll call for the vote on the first disgraceful Continuing Resolution.  Please note that with the commendable exception of Michele Bachmann, Steve King and a few others, most of the GOP sold their souls because they didn't want to be blamed for a shutdown of the federal government.  (Frankly, I would see a shutdown of the federal government as a blessing, not a problem - but I digress!)  The GOP members who voted "aye" need to be deluged with phone calls and emails insisting that they vote principle over politics and demolish both funding for abortion-providers and the funding for Obamacare.  Else, what was the use of that first vote?

Randall Terry opined in an op-ed in Thursday's Washington Times that this Continuing Resolution battle is the pro-life movement's Waterloo.  I thnk that's a fair assessment of the situation, with one small correction.  He congratulated Chris Smith's pledge to vote against a permanent CR that contained abortion funding and more or less warned Michele Bachmann and Steve King that they should follow Smith's lead.  If you look again at the roll call on the first CR, it is Bachmann and King who opposed it with Smith voting for it.  I think it is Smith who had better follow King's and Bachmann's lead, even in respect to the temporary CRs.  King, Bachmann and those others should be commended for bucking the GOP leadership (if such can be called "leadership") and voting for true principle.

So again, I urge all who call themselves "pro-life" and/or "tea party" to deluge the offices of the GOP House members with phone calls and emails insisting that they not vote for any CR, be it temporary or permanent, that contains funding for abortion.  Be polite and charitable, but be very clear on your expectations.  For folks such as Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Chris Smith and Mike Pence, be encouraging.  I understand some some GOP senator RINO's (namely John McCain) oppose the Planned Parenthood cuts (can't offend the donor fatcats and media moguls now, can we?); they are to be ignored for now and voted out later.  Additionally, I suggest focus on John Boehner, Eric Cantor and others who are displaying ominous symptoms of linguine-spine syndrome.

So will your efforts avail you anything?  Will they listen?  Well, if you've been reading this blog's posts over the past several weeks, you'll recall that in Maryland, we've been combatting a state legislative attempt to pervert the notion of marriage.  See the post below for a more detailed account.  For purposes of this post, suffice it to say that if the lobbying of citizens can have a decisive impact in the liberal la-la land known as the state of Maryland, your efforts can have a similar impact - but only if you make these efforts in a consistent, disciplined and long-term manner.

Most important, we must pray to God to bless our efforts to return the United States of America to obedience to His laws regarding the protection of innocent people.

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