Saturday, March 26, 2011

To My Anonymous Commenter On My Earth Hour Post

Thank you for your remarks, both on the Earth Hour post, and the post calling for Planned Parenthood defunding.  Yes, I do have access to IP addresses of those who comment and visit the blog (a common blogger capability), so I know the comments originated from the same computer.  I will reply to them together, for together they are quite illustrative of the progressive mindset that has corroded the thinking of so many.

First, when I ask for respect, I do so on behalf of people - human beings.  It is they who are created in the image and likeness of God - not dogs, chickens, bunny rabbits, but human beings are invested with that dignity.  In fact, God bestowed on us the greatest dignity of sending His Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, to become true man.

That same respect is not due to actions or ideas that do not conform to God's laws.  Thus the "climate change, global warming, carbon footprint" deserves no respect whatsoever.  It would all be a silly hoax if there was no "method to the madness" behind it all.  I invite all to examine some previous posts, most of them containing links to excellent research.

All that being said, let's bring into consideration your other comment, the one that incorrectly states that "unborn fetuses are far from citizens".  Assuming that their parents are citizens, they most certainly are.  I believe your intent was to dispute their status as people rather than citizens.  If so, mere biology argues for the truth against your erroneous position.  Your dismissive, condescending attitude towards these babies - simply because they're little - speaks much of the moral and intellectial vacuity of the so-called "pro-choice" position.  You display utter contempt for these little people and then have the chutzpah to chide me for "disrespect" because I expose crackpot ideas for what they are?  That's actually quite laughable.  Nice try - but no cigar!

By the way - in a previous post, I suggested we call our lights-on hour "Light Up The Night!"  I also coughed up a little song that we can all sing, to the tune of "Happy Birthday".  Here goes:

Happy Earth Hour to you,
To a very naive crew.
You believe in "carbon footprints".
You don't have a clue!

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