Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tonight In DC - Planned Parenthood Blood Feast Picketed

Today at a blood feast put on by Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi received their "Margaret Sanger Award".  They consider that award their "highest honor".  Arguably it is appropriate; Margaret Sanger was an unabashed eugenicist, wanting to rid the world of what she called "human weeds".  During her life, she had been known to confer with Nazi doctors and Ku Klux Klan groups.  Rey Flores of American Life League penned some choice words regarding this evening's debacle.

So tonight Pelosi, a "katholyc" whose political career has been one huge mockery and affront to her faith and Our Lord Jesus Christ, received her "thirty pieces of silver".  This occurred at the annual gala for Planned Parenthood.  Without a doubt this bash was funded in part through abortion revenues; this it is most accurate to refer to this Planned Parenthood as a blood feast.

Fortunately more than a few of them received some real food for thought as they arrived.  About 10 - 20 of us, led by Defend Life of Baltimore, stood outside the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel (at Woodley and Connecticut) holding signs and distributing leaflets to those who would accept.  We were there from 5-7pm this evening.

My!  It's amazing that a few little signs and flyers can get these pro-aborts worked into a blather!  I was standing on the sidewalk next to the driveway off Woodley.  Some hotel official had a snit.  He came over and told me that I couldn't hand the flyers to "hotel guests".  I politely but firmly reminded him that I was on the public sidewalk where I had a perfect right to hand flyers to whomever would accept them.  He retreated a little bit and decided to be my "babysitter", for lack of better word.  When friends joined me who had signs, they decided to bring police in.  The police suv just drove around and parked along the street.  I didn't realize that DC had gotten to be so murder-free that they could spare the time to glower at some middle-aged ladies standing on the sidewalk.  A few people took flyers.  Some flipped the bird.  Sadly, from some of the faces, it was clear that at least three of the women passing by had been victimized by abortion - perhaps at a Planned Parenthood mill.

Other pro-lifers were standing along Connecticut Avenue, heading into the south entrance of the hotel.  Some of them got into heated exchanges with passersby and blood-feast attendees.  I don't mind hearing about these for it was evident that some consciences were jolted awake from their stupors.

These Planned Parenthood attendees, and hopefully Pelosi herself, had a little something to render that meal just a tad bit less sumptuous than it might have been otherwise.  All of us will be going before God when we die; these folks will do so with blood on their hands.  They need to repent and amend their lives pronto.

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