Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Input Regarding Objection To Papal Missteps

A Catholic blogger (in England, I believe) named Mundabor had something to say regarding the Vortex's fit at those of us who object to some of the Pope's words and actions.  Please read.

Terry Carroll of Church Militant TV replied.  Mundabor posted the comment and his own rebuttal.  Please read.  I think Mundabor did an excellent job in bringing the conversation back to the central issue.  That is, if CMTV chooses not to address Pope Francis' blunders, that is completely up to them.  What troubles us is when they liken us (who do speak up) to those who hate the Church.  That is unacceptable.

To illustrate that our stance is appropriate, I link to a LifeSiteNews article posted back in October when problems were becoming too evident.

I still hold Church Militant TV in respect for the yeoman's work that they have done in exposing so much chicanery by progressive elements in Church hierarchy.  I hope and pray that a clarification will soon be issued by them.


  1. I'm compelled, I fear, to rigorously disagree. Much like I said to Mundabor a few moments ago, I don't see any particular gain to be had from the commentary I've seen being leveled against Pope Francis. I'm not a big of him either, but I see little to be gained from the constant gainsaying of everything he says or does. Criticism that I have read does nothing to build up the Body of Christ, but DOES make Catholics appear to be VERY grouchy and very stuck in the mud and the past.

    Like I also said to Mundabor, the main focus of the criticism I see is, Pope Francis isn't doing things the way you think they ought, so you're going to harangue him until he changes his path. It's time to focus less on hounding the Pope, time to focus more on doing what we each need to do in life.

    1. "Constant gainsaying"? "Harangue"? "Hound"? Funny! What do you think your choice of verbs is?
      What we are doing is making plain that the missteps of the Holy Father do NOT constitute infallible teaching; such is the message gleaned from uncatechized - and those looking for excuses not to obey the Church's dogmatic teachings. The Holy Father, by his carelessness, is making all the more difficult the task of parents who do want to teach their children Catholic faith and morals. The Tenth Crusade blog (to the right) is authored by one such parent; you need only peruse her posts of the past week or two to understand the heartache caused by the Vatican.

      Are you equating "building up the Body of Christ" with maintenance of appearances? The last sentence in your first paragraph sure seems to indicate that. One builds up the Body of Christ with straight unadulterated, truth with no spin to it, be that spin "positive" or "negative". BUT if we're going to focus on "appearances", I'd be much more concerned that we appear to be blithely oblivious to the "elephant in the living room" that is this seemingly non-stop flow of gaffes from the Vatican.

      "Pope Francis isn't doing things the way you think he ought (I fixed your grammar)"? Not so. His carelessness undermines the teaching of the Church. Anyone with a basic knowledge of that teaching can understand that. We will continue to call out the contradictions, lest those for whom we care be led astray.

      Again, if you choose not to join us, that's your decision. We will continue to do so. Get used to it.


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