Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Other Blogs/Sites On The Popewars

First, let me make plain that the term "popewars" was coined by Michael Voris (at least he's the first to use it, to my knowledge).  Many other faithful and orthodox sites seem to take exception to being labeled as de facto sedevacantists.  Here is a sampling:
To date, Michael Voris has failed (or refuses) to differentiate between: 1) sedevacantists who have de facto exited the Church (albeit "stage right") and 2) faithful Catholics who voice concerns over papal gaffes precisely because we love the Church.  Until that happens, he will cripple his own apostolate.  Again, if Church Militant TV has adopted a policy of not speaking on papal mistakes of words/actions, that is entirely their prerogative.  We object only to his de facto denigration of our own chosen directions.


  1. Except that every heresy has always had its genesis at the feet of a break with Rome! If you truly believe in Catholicism you are aware that judging the Pope is WAY above our pay grade. The Holy Spirit will be with the Pope. That is HIS job. Ours is to pray for Pope Francis. Voris has got this right.

    1. Read carefully what we say. I and other like-minded bloggers are NOT judging the Pope. We voice concerns and yes, opposition to words and actions of his that are causing confusion and scandal. It is precisely because we are NOT breaking from Rome that we raise our voices of concern. Yes it is our responsibility to pray for the Pope, but our solemn duty does not end there. We will not cloak ourselves in false humility (sanctimonious disguise for cowardice) and refuse to speak out when the faith of those whom we hold dear is shaken by questionable proceeds from Rome. Should you choose to do so, that's up to you, but we'll bypass you and proceed.

  2. I'm confused as the day is long by Pope Francis. I pray for him and my own understanding.
    Let me be clear, I have children and a convert husband. I NEED the bloggers to help me through the words of the Pope to explain the message. If everyone takes MV attitude, we will be lost. Please, while Voris has taken this stand, I beg the bloggers not to abandon us poor confused Catholic. Give us truth and clarity. While the Pope talks in very confusing terms and the MSM pick and choose what to print, the only way to sort it out is to read the Catholic bloggers. Please don't leave us to become disheartened pew sitters, with puzzled minds and heavy hearts.


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