Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two Disgusting Episcopal Kiss-Ups To Obama

First, let's look at the Diocese of San Bernardino in California (ht Creative Minority Report).  Bishop Gerald Barnes issued a letter on March 11 to Catholics in his diocese.  In a nutshell, he urged the uninsured in his diocese to purchase Obamacare.  Because he is aware that Obamacare contains within it mandatory abortion and contraception funding and coverage, the bishop was urging Catholics in his diocese to violate their Catholic consciences and to violate Catholic moral teaching.  A key sentence:  The Affordable Care Act is now part of civil law and as faithful citizens we are obligated to follow it.

No, Your Excellency!  You have it precisely ass-backwards!  As Catholics, we are obliged to disobey any "civil law" that runs contrary to Catholic moral principles.  One can only wonder what carrot is being dangled in front of Bishop Barnes' face to induce him to browbeat good Catholics to capitulate to the Messiah Most Miserable.

Speaking of "capitulation to the Messiah Most Miserable" let's look at the second kiss-up.  This time it's the USCCB doing the groveling (they almost have this down to a science).  Archbishop Kurtz, current president of the USCCB, along with Bishop Pates commended Obama and John Kerry for "initiative to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".  Frankly I'm not sure what good they've done, but that's not the point of this post.  The two bishops wax lyrical about "achieving peace", turning willfully blind eyes to the fact that both Obama and Kerry are two of the biggest war-mongers alive.  The war is abortion, with a casualty rate of over 3000 babies every day murdered in the US alone.  When the bishops start developing a laser-like focus on that moral evil, they just might regain their credibility and do some actual good to achieving peace and more importantly, to saving souls.

Pray for our shepherds - and cry out when they err publicly.

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