Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hillary's Email Scandals May Hit Close To Home

As Hillary Clinton's email woes were unfolding all over the internet, I had my suspicions as to the origins of this news.  Mind you, I do suspect that indeed she bungled her responsibilities there but the timing of the news break - and Obama's seeming nonchalance - was rather telling.  Coupled with the common knowledge that there's not much love lost between the Obamas and Clintons, I had reason to suspect that this news broke with the assistance of the Messiah Most Miserable.

Now it turns out that my suspicions have substance!  The New York Post has details, alleging resentment at the snubbing that Obama got from Democratic candidates during the 2014 elections.  Valerie Jarrett appears to be more of the mastermind than Obama himself, but there seems to be an attempt to sabotage Hillary's run for the White House in 2016.

Now here's the "close to home" part.  Jarrett has been allegedly courting two other Democrats to run against Hillary.  One of them is Elizabeth Warren; I suspected she was a favorite.  But the other took me a bit by surprise - former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley!  We know what a bang-up job he did in Maryland, don't we?  Rain tax, illegal immigrants everywhere, jobs not everywhere, gay "marriage" and of course, a corrupt legal environment assuring Leroy Carhart unfettered baby-killing opportunities.  Frankly I don't know why they'd consider O'Malley, since his less-than-stellar time in the State House led to the election of a Republican governor (otherwise almost impossible in Maryland).

If O'Malley runs, it will be most telling to watch the reactions of local Catholic prelates.  Here's hoping they don't gush over "the opportunity for another Catholic in the White House" for that CINO would only trash the One True Church and her Faith and Morals.

Let us pray.

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