Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Bishops Throw Their Faithful Flocks Under The Bus To Appease The World

Many of us have heard of Patricia Jannuzzi, a theology teacher at Immaculata High School in Somerville NJ.  She had posted on her private Facebook page, defending true marriage and exposing the gay agenda for what it is - part of a push to extinguish western civilization.  Lepanto Institute saved her post, because the school demanded that she take it down before informing her that her contract would not be renewed.  As you read the post, do you find in there anything that is at variance with Church teaching?  Neither do I.  So why did her school fire her?

A former student of hers stumbled across it.  He was miffed to read it, as he himself is gay.  He also is the nephew of Hollywood left-wing Susan Sarandon.  So auntie got all the minions together and they started to blast the school - much like a similar bunch did to the Archdiocese of Washington three years ago when Father Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion to a flaming lesbian.  And like the Archdiocese of Washington, they abandoned their Catholic principles and displayed all the spinal fortitude of jellyfish.  The ease with which they cast aside their allegiance to the Teaching of Jesus Christ cause me to believe if such allegiance was really present; they were way too quick to evict from their midst a truly Catholic teacher who proclaimed true Catholic morality.

I'd suggest that we too make our displeasure known to the school and to do so repeatedly.  I will say one thing for the gay cartel.  They are tenacious and ready to drop everything and act for their beliefs, such as they are.  We on the other hand tend to be too demure, reserved, deferential in the face of those who need to hear the truth from us and even to be rebuked by us.  Here is the contact information for the school.  Please utilize it, but there is also one more step.

Jesus Demonstrates "Acceptance"!
The school's site posted a horrid statement by the local bishop, Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Diocese of Metuchen.  I'll link to it as it appears on that diocesan site.  It is one along the apostolic line of Judas.  One line of his is that "the teacher's comments are disturbing and do not reflect the Church's teachings of acceptance".  I can only say that this is heresy.  The Church has never taught the acceptance of sinful behavior.  Ms. Jannuzzi most certainly did articulate the Church's teaching regarding sodomy.  Either the bishop is blissfully ignorant of basic moral teaching or some sugar daddies are threatening to cut off funds - or Sarandon sycophants are calling and saying mean things to hurt his feelings!  Well, like Lepanto and others, we must all contact Bishop Bootkoski ourselves and set the record straight.

So that's one bishop who betrayed a faithful Catholic.  Now onto another.  On March 3rd in the state of Idaho, a Catholic state senator, Sheryl Nuxoll, boycotted an opening prayer at a senate session that was conducted by a Hindu.  She correctly stated that hinduism is "a false faith with false gods".  She wasn't the only one, by the way; there were two others.  Rather than support her, or at least keep silence, Bishop Peter Christensen of the Diocese of Boise rushed to rebuke her Catholic witness, falsely claiming that Nuxoll did not "represent the opinions or teachings of the Roman Catholic Church."  Oh, really?  News flash!  Hinduism is idolotry!  Nuxoll is correct.  As you can detect in Christenen's screed, his thinking is infected with the syndrome known as "ecumenicide".  Here's contact information for that diocese; please call this treatment of Nuxoll into question.

Are you noticing a pattern?  Not only do these bishops refuse to speak truth to dissidents, lest they offend some deep pockets or rile some loud leftists, but when faithful Catholics within their dioceses do act like Catholics, these bishops pile on them!  Is it to keep those dollars flowing in, or the leftists from sneering at them, or is it something else?  Do they resent the faithful Catholics for displaying the faith and courage that they refuse to display?


  1. These Bishops are stomach turning. Somehow, the faithful Catholics in the pews need to unify. You know, strength in numbers. I will of course contact the School and the Bishop for the Patricia Jannuzzi fiasco, and the Bishop for Nuxoll. These unfaithful Bishops sure are keeping me typing, it's almost getting to be a full time job.

    1. So is it official Catholic teaching that gays want to reengineer western civilization into a slow extinction? Just curious.

    2. Church teaching? It's common sense. Apparently some gays are honest (or arrogant) enough to admit it. http://www.greeleygazette.com/press/?p=9797

  2. There's an openly homosexual group that operates with the pastor's support and approval at a local parish in Maryland. I brought it to the attention of the archbishop who told me that we need to show them "love." These bishops' comments and actions don't surprise me in the least.

    1. What parish? Please let me know via the comments. Sometimes the shedding of light can cure many problems. Thanks.

    2. Hi Janet, I did an article on this awhile back in the Les Femmes newsletter. I'll try to pull it up. I think I remember the name, but don't want to post it without checking.

    3. The article is from 2003 when the parish (St. Bernadette's in Severn) hosted Bishop Newman (auxiliary from Baltimore) who gave a very pro-gay homily. Here's the link. http://www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org/v81nache.htm A lot could have changed since then. They have a gay/lesbian ministry -- no mention of Courage. They have a program called Reclaim. I'll see what I can find out about that.

    4. Thanks. That parish did come to mind as I read Chad's comment. Chad, if there's another, please advise. Thanks.

  3. Looks like both Dioceses have turned off their email. Guess the kitchen was getting hot!

  4. Darn it!!!! I had not sent my 'letter of encouragement' to either Bishop yet. Darn.....you snooze you loose, well, guess there's always snail mail.

  5. 4. But if we cannot preach as efficiently as we
    ought, would that by innocence of life we held
    the rank that befits our office. For the Gospel
    adds, " Behold I send you as lambs among wolves."
    Now there are many who, when placed in authority,
    show themselves eager to rend their subjects ;
    they use their power to terrify, and they injure
    those to whom it was their duty to do good. And
    not possessing the bowels of chanty they seek to
    appear as masters, and forget that they are fathers ;
    and, instead of governing in the spirit of humility,
    they domineer in the spirit of pride ; and if at
    times their outward acts are gentle, their hearts
    within are full of passion. Of them Truth says
    in another place, " They come to you in the clothing
    of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves "
    (Matth. vii. 15).


  6. The "lavender mafia".

    The US episcopate is rotten with a small number of heroic exceptions.

  7. I've contacted the Bishop for Nuxoll, as I know her personally, (I taught her son), 1/12 of the Bishops' did get their orders from iscariott, God help us all.


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