Wednesday, March 25, 2015

500 Faithful Priests In England Beg For Faithful Synod - Will Their Request Be Granted?

From Zenit we read the Holy Father's general audience as he made mention of the Ordinary Synod to occur next October.  In one of the lines he is quoted as saying, "All -- Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, men and women religious, lay faithful – we are all called to pray for the Synod. There is need of this, not of gossip!"  No doubt serious prayer to God is needed for this meeting, but what is meant by "gossip"??

I'm not going to pull punches!  I've reason to believe that by "gossip" he is referring to the watchful eye that many of us bloggers have had, and by the light of scrutiny that we shone on the proceedings there.  No doubt we were of assistance to stalwarts such as Cardinal Burke, Muller, Pell and others as they tried to stem the onslaught of rank modernism and yes, heresy, that otherwise would have gushed forth from the sin-nod last October.  I'm certain that Kasper, Marx, Baldaserri and others chafed and squinted at the light we were shining in their eyes.  Gentlemen, it is precisely because we are praying that we will continue to broadcast whatever comes forth next October.

Speaking of prayer, I understand that approximately 500 Catholic priests of England and Wales have petitioned the synod to stand firm for the perennial teaching on marriage.  While I applaud these priests and am grateful for their efforts, I am a bit saddened, too.  Why?  Very simple!  Why, in the name of heaven, would these priests believe that they need to ask bishops and cardinals to adhere to Catholic teaching?  Shouldn't it be understood that it's second nature to prelates to do so?  Yes, it should be understood, but that is not the case and these poor priests realize that.  Case in point - they were rebuked for standing for Church teaching by a local prelate, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.  Please read Damian Thompson's analysis of this action.

I just noticed something on Facebook.  Apparently Cardinal Nichols is sympathetic to sodomite relationships.  While he upheld marriage per se, he did not denounce the mortal sin of sodomy.  Might this have had something to do with his snit against the faithful priests?

So once again we have a prelate chastising faithful Catholics under his charge for speaking and acting like - faithful Catholics!  The number of these incidents, including the one I mentioned in Tuesday's post, is reaching epidemic proportions!  I don't think the end is in sight!  Again, we bloggers will shine the spotlight on these misdeeds of the clerics.


  1. Keep shining the light!!! These Priests are courageous and faithful, and yes, they see and understand the enemy of Christ. They see where the battle lines are drawn. How many I wonder will be brave enough to stand for truth when the time comes? The time is quickly approaching.

    God Bless Cardinal Burke!! He now has a big MEGAPHONE and he knows how to use it!!! This exile to Malta was a big huge BLESSING, not at all a punishment.

  2. If we say nothing, we condone sinful actions. Let us be vigil and yes, please keep shining the light!

  3. It is a sad day for the Catholic Church when her own faithful servants must take out a full page advertisement, urging their leaders to take a firm stand.

  4. "Gossip" is the child of scandal. Where scandal is, you'll find "gossip" and the sad fact is that last October's Extraordinary Synod was a monumental scandal for faithful Catholics, both clergy and laity.

    If the Holy Father wants to cut down on the gossip, the solution is easy; quit with the scandal. Quit scandalizing faithful Catholics. Quit winking at heretics like Kasper and Baldiserri and quit selling their poison as "mercy" and "serine theology".

    Over to you, +Francis. You have the solution in your hands.

    1. Kiwi, that is an excellent point. The sin-nod was one long scandal session, no doubt. How can anyone expect good people not to react?

      But let's look at the concept of "gossip". The Catechism doesn't specifically mention that word, but the late Father John Hardon did define it as: "Idle talk, especially about others. The morality of gossip is determined by the degree to which time is wasted in useless conversation, by the failure in justice or charity committed against others, and by the damage done to people's reputation by those who gossip."

      This sin-nod will have an impact on our lives and on the lives of our loved ones. We have to digest that mess, to separate the "wheat from the chaff" as it were. We have to know what was right and wrong about it. That means that we have to engage in discussions with other faithful Catholics, with the purpose of calling out error for what it is. To remain silent in the face of the unabashed scandals pouring forth from that event would be the real sin against justice and charity.

  5. Didn't the Holy Father himself call for 'Dialogue'? Yet, when the 'Dialogue' doesn't go the way they want it to go, they want to shut you down. It's rather telling to call for open 'Dialogue' and then start screaming about 'gossip and chatter' when they don't like what they hear. Keep shining the light, it seems to be drawing the cockroaches out of the woodwork. (just a manner of speech) Light has disinfecting properties.

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